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Mother’s Day Gifts: Antiques, Jewelry And Time (5/6/08)
Mother Gifts – Antiques, Jewelry & Time More >>

Mother’s Day Tribute: A Mother Knows Her Children (5/4/08)
My Ma and Mitzi DogA mother knows her children. That’s what I learned from my own mother in a most unusual way. My mother had five boys with age differences between each of about 18 months to 2 years, so she was constantly going through the separate stages of growing up for entirely too many years. All of us were different. I was the shy, bookish one, but still able to hold my own in any rumble. More >>

Vice Presidential Guest Pins (4/25/08)
Vice Presidential guest pins, c. 1980, reverseJust as the Secret Service provides a specially designed lapel pin to frequent guests to the White House, the Secret Service also provides similar lapel pins to guests of the vice president of the United States. More >>

Collecting JFK (4/25/08)
Magazines featuring JFKThere are events in our lives that stand out like no others. Most of us in my generation know where we were and what we were doing on Nov. 22, 1963 when we learned that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. More >>

Symbols and Flags of Earth Day (4/22/08)
The Ecology FlagTo paraphrase a famous Clinton-era campaign slogan, “It’s the Environment, Stupid.” That could have been the basis for Earth Day as conceived by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1969. Originally created as a teach-in about environmental problems facing Earth, it grew into the basis for the worldwide environmental movement. More >>

How to Find Information on Flags (4/7/08)
Flags Through the Ages and Across the WorldI discovered that flags were an educational hobby in early 1980. Realizing that the study of flags was called vexillology and that I was a vexillologist was a personal breakthrough. Many aspects of my interest in flags, such as heraldry, art, history, culture, language, sociology, color and design, are encompassed within this discipline. More >>

Why Are Presidents Collected? (4/1/08)
Challenge coin of President Bill Clinton, c. 1990sIt is a mystery to educated people from other countries: What is it with the American fascination with presidents? School children know their names in order by heart. Parents date important moments of their lives by who was in the Oval Office. Many people collect objects associated with their favorites. Why? More >>

How To Tell When You Have A Modern First Edition (3/25/08)
Copyright page for Many families have old books lying around the house, but they are reluctant to throw them out or donate them unless they know the books aren’t particularly valuable. But how to tell? More >>

Antique American Flags (3/19/08)
Hello fellow Worthpointers and visitors. I hope you find the photos and descriptions of some of my more interesting flags to your liking. I would be happy to correspond with others regarding collecting antique flags. More >>

The White House for Sale (3/18/08)
If a piano leg falls through your ceiling at home, it does cause some excitement, but you patch up the hole and move on. What is the reaction, though, when it happens not in your house, but the White House. More >>

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