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“The Marilyn Monroe of The Early Years” (7/2/08)
Olive Thomas was “Everyone’s sweetheart”Like Marilyn Monroe,Olive Thomas was ethereally beautiful.A school drop out and married in her teens.That marriage to Benard Krug Thomas,ended in divorce.Also like Marilyn,she gave various versions of her “real” name.Again like the legendary Marilyn,The lovely girls first job was in a factory in her home town.After her brief marriage,Olive went to Harlem to More >>

“Hawiaan Print Clothing” (6/4/08)
Through the years I have gone through my "phases, especially when it came to keeping up with all the different styles and fashion. More >>

Welcome Timeless Treasure Subscriber’s (5/20/08)
I want to welcome all of you that are subscribers to “Timeless Treasures”.I would like to get to know everybody in our little community,what are your favorite collectables,Maybe you might have some questions about an item you have,Maybe you are looking to purchase an item of some kind,as a community,we should all be there to try and help each other out,and make our community a place where we can a More >>