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History Shines Light on Celebrating Halloween Collectibles (10/23/14)
paper table decorations  The tradition of Halloween is rooted deep in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, dating back almost 2,000 years. In … More >>

Made in the Shades: Art Nouveau Art Glass Illuminate Start-Up Collections (11/7/11)
Four Arm Arts & Crafts Style Electric Chandelier with pulled feather gold aureneLouis Comfort Tiffany was not the only glassmaker producing gorgeous American art glass during the turn of the 20th century. … More >>

Early Americans Knew How to Tote Their Own Horns (7/25/11)
Tim Tansel Engraved Powder Horn  So much of what is created merely out of necessity becomes collectible for its ornate beauty. Early settlers needed a … More >>

English Antique Tableware a Popular, Practical Collectible (5/23/11)
Wedgwood Henry Wadsworth Longfellow JugIn the mid-18th century, potters of England’s Staffordshire district began experimenting with new clays, forms, glazes and decorative techniques in … More >>

Opulent Objects: Collecting Russian Revival Antiques (5/18/11)
g8178The fall of Imperial Russia and the aftermath of the events of the 1917 Revolution resulted in one of the … More >>

Collecting Daguerreotypes: Focus in on the Famous and the Unknown Alike (4/12/11)
DAGUERREOTYPE OF JOHN BROWNCollecting daguerreotypes—19th century silver plated photographs—can be a thrilling hunt for any antique fan. The number of collectors looking for … More >>

Cincinnati Silver Tableware Still Shines 200 Years Later (11/16/10)
twist-handle coin silver forks When Cincinnati’s first settlers arrived in 1788, they dreamed of establishing a trade center along the water highway of … More >>

Spiked Helmets Worn for Military Fashion not Function (11/2/10)
Prussian Garde Du Corps Officer  The early Imperial German Empire took much pride in fashionable uniforms and headgear for its military, often choosing ornamental gear … More >>

Creativity and a Little Sand Equals Great Folk Art (10/5/10)
SWEETHEART SANDBOTTLES One of the hottest categories of antiques on today’s market is folk art. Though very broadly defined, the term … More >>

Luman Watson Clocks a Timely Addition for Collectors (8/29/10)
early reed waston clock Time: We all worry about it; we all watch it; and none of us ever have enough of it. … More >>

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