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Custeriana: The Old Soldier’s Mystique Hasn’t Faded Away (2/19/09)
custer-photographCuster may not have survived his fabled last stand but memorabilia and artifacts certainly have. For the uninitiated, a natural first … More >>

Collecting Schuetzen Rifles (2/19/09)
schuetzen-rifleCincinnati’s German-American communities of the latter 1800’s celebrated a springtime festival where people could practice target shooting. The Schuetzenfest … More >>

Frankliniana More Popular Than Ever as Ben Turns 300 (2/19/09)
pocket-watchOn January 17, 2006, Ben Franklin would have turned 300 years old. The oldest of America’s founding fathers, he had … More >>

Highboys and Weathervanes Most Likely to Weather the Stormy Economy (1/3/09)
For those of you who faithfully read this column, you know that my first column of the New Year is … More >>

Deep Black Rock Carves Its Way Into Collectors’ Hands (5/15/08)
Wes Cowan details the craft of argillite and how the material has resulted in some fine collectible objects. –Editor Located off … More >>

Audubon Reproductions Have Collectors Crying Fowl (3/1/08)
The name John James Audubon is practically synonymous with nature illustration. Wes Cowan looks at how widely reproduced Audubon works … More >>

Cartridge Boxes Explode on to the Market (2/16/08)
Shotgun cartridges became popular in the 1860s with the invention of the repeating rifle and carbine. Antique firearms aficionados and … More >>

Hometown Art Not So Out Of Reach (1/19/08)
Most Cincinnatians with even a modest interest in the city’s artistic heritage are familiar with the major 19th and 20th … More >>

The Old West Romance Lives On (3/17/07)
The demand for Native American artwork and artifacts continues to rise. Wes Cowan provides advice for those looking to collect … More >>

Nineteenth Century Chalkware (2/17/07)
The origin of antique American chalkware is generally attributed to the Pennsylvania Dutch, first appearing in the mid 1800’s as … More >>

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