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DHL All-Star FanFest – Dan Buys the Boss a Bat (8/16/08)
At the DHL All-Star FanFest, one of the largest baseball collectibles events in the country, Dan Borsey soaks up the excitement and energy of the event and buys the boss a bat! More >>

DHL All-Star FanFest – Something for Everyone (7/22/08)
This year the DHL All-Star FanFest has something for everyone. Dan Borsey heads to the Yogi Berra museum exhibit and also finds some great collectibles at this year’s FanFest. More of Dan the Man in the WorthPoint Van’s videos from the DHL FanFest: More >>

Antiques – Chinese Ceramic Wares (7/16/08)
In this WorthPoint video, Lark Mason, owner of iGavel, shows some fascinating antiques – examples of Chinese ceramic wares including earthen ware, stoneware and porcelain. Lark also shares some of the history and his excitement about ceramics with his daughter, WorthPoint reporter Joanna Mason. WorthPoint is the premier site for antiques and collectibles. More >>

How To Add Images in “Ask a Question” (7/7/08)
Adding Images In “Ask A Question” 1. After you have typed your question and clicked “submit”, click on your question title link. 2. There should be 5 tabs below your question title marked, View, Edit, Image, Track, and Votes. Click the “Image” tab. 3. Click the “Browse” button. This will take you to your desktop. Locate the image you want to post and select “Open”. More >>

Julien’s Partners With WorthPoint (6/30/08)
Julien’s Auctions joins WorthPoint, a social network and search engine for collectors More >>

WorthPoint Helps Colorado Woman Sell $103,000 Painting at Sotheby’s that She Found in the Trash (6/28/08)
NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WorthPoint, a new Web site for collectibles, helped a Colorado woman sell a painting this week that she found in the trash a decade ago for $103,000 at a Sotheby’s auction. While rummaging through some discarded items next to a neighborhood dumpster in Boulder, Colorado, a decade ago, Tammy Bullock found an oil painting “that just looked interesting.” More >>

WorthPoint Unveils New Consignment and Brokering Service for Art, Antiques and Collectibles (6/27/08)
ATLANTA — (BUSINESS WIRE) — WorthPoint Corporation today unveiled a new service that will help its members determine the value of the art, antiques and collectibles they own and walk them through the evaluation and sales process. More >>

Lark Mason & iGavel on WorthPoint (6/25/08)
iGavel’s Lark Mason has been interested in the art and antique business since he was twelve years old. In this video he talks about iGavel and his own experience and expertise. iGavel is a WorthPoint Partner Auction House. WorthPoint – the premier site for art, antiques and collectibles. More >>

How to load an item on WorthPoint (5/19/08)
Assuming you have already registered on the site, the simplest way is to: 1. Locate the mustard colored “Add Your Items” tab in the middle of the landing page and click it. 2. A new screen will appear with several fields. Only the following are important to this process: a. Item Name- (Enter the name of your item) b. Description- (Describe your item) More >>

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