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How to Bequeath Your Collection and Keep it out of Probate (8/27/14)
If you have a baseball card collection and would like it to go to your grandson, you had better prepare your last will and testament to make sure bequeathed items or collections go where you want them to go and not end up in probate.To some, leaving behind a meaningful legacy upon death is important. To have built a house, written a book, created … More >>

Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Ryan Servant and the Brimfield Flea App (8/26/14)
Ryan Servant, who offers the Brimfield Flea Finder, is interviewed by local Brimfield media about his app.In this edition of the Antiques Auction Forum, I have a chat with app developer Ryan Servant, who offers the … More >>

Three Easy Steps to Starting a Killer Comic Book Collection (8/22/14)
Batman’s first appearance sells for north of $1 million in higher grade condition.So, you want to collect comics? Collecting comics seems easy in theory. Just go out and buy a pile and, … More >>

Mayhem at Chicago ANA; Gold Kennedy Half Dollar Changes Hands for $100,000 (8/21/14)
This is the first of its kind: a high relief proof gold Kennedy half dollar, struck in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the John F. Kennedy half dollar and contains ¾ oz. of 24kt gold. Since its very inception some 50 years ago, the Kennedy half dollar remains for many a valued and cherished keepsake. … More >>

Hallowed Relics of the Gridiron on Display at New College Football Hall of Fame (8/19/14)
Red GrangeIn just a couple of weeks, large portions of the country will joyously shout out many of the following phrases, … More >>

Bidding for Superman Premier Comic Soaring in eBay Auction (8/19/14)
This copy of Action Comics #1 in 9.0 condition up for auction on eBay is currently at $1,950 million, indicating it will be the most expensive comic ever sold when the hammer comes down on Aug. 24. The current record for a comic book selling at auction is $2.16 million.With five days left on the eBay auction selling one of the best-preserved examples of Action Comics #1—the first appearance … More >>

Lost and Found Visuals: The Art and Value of Vernacular Photography (8/14/14)
Collectors of found photography look for scenes from a bygone era with mini narratives to imagine. The old photograph was pasted into a scrapbook and had crusty brown rubber cement seeping around the edges. The image … More >>

When Seeking Advice on Antique Furniture, it’s Important to Manage Your Experts (8/13/14)
In the identification and evaluation of antique furniture, almost everyone needs some help now and then, even the “experts.” No … More >>

Sometimes a Flea Market is the Best Venue to Sell Your Household Goods (8/8/14)
Flea markets, such as the Arundel Flea Market—which could be the best flea market in Maine—offers a place for people to sell things that would not be efficient or worth the time on eBay.I have been selling on eBay since eBay has been in existence. But sometimes, depending on what you’re selling, there … More >>

Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: Emily Susanin and the Chicago Auction World (8/8/14)
Emily SusaninIn this edition of the Antiques Auction Forum, I talk with Emily Susanin of Susanin’s Auctioneers & Appraisers for some … More >>

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