11/17/ Garage Sailing in Atlanta

Judy, a young friend
Matching New Hall Tea Stand
Grey Deco Compact
Darby 18th Century Platter
18th Century New Hall Tea Pot and stand
Miniture Lincoln Cent Earrings 1964

Occupied Japan
Ponytail vinyl 1960 45 record holder
Rarer Retired 1982 Snow Village 5054 Victorian Townhome

Ok, so I did not spell saling correctly. I do know how to spell it, but, I consider going through these garage sales as much fun as diving and sailing in the Carribean. (Diving there is a favorite thing to do for me.) Ok, so I went to 4 or 5 places today and got some neat things and found some friends. My purchase had a wide range. There was the high end; an 18th century teapot New Hall teapot and tray, some sterling Gorham candalabras, a 6 board Queene Anne bootjack end NH blanket box, 18th century Darby platter… Well, I also got some newer things that all of us can relate to. My house is kind of eclectic and covers the gamut. On the newer side, I found a cool 5054 Victorian townhouse that was retired in 1982 by Depatment 56. I got a neat “Ponytail” 45 vinyl record full of Elvis records, a mostly complete occupied Japan blue willow tea set, some great earrings for my daughters AND wonderful clothes for the 3 girls at $2 an item. They loved the Abercrombie. (I prefer the pre bankruptcy Abercrombie Fitch collectibles, but time changes all.) Thus today was a hit for the entire family. I also intoduce you to Judy, an old friend. I ran into her today and she will be including her conducted sales on WorthPoint soon, as will another friend I ran into later today. So look forward to them in December when our conducted estate sale listings are added in the Buy/Sell area. It is too bad we did not have that up yet, as there was a vintage Edison victrola with the wax roll records at one of their sales today. A great item, but the crowd was not biting.