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1954 Cheerios Confederate Money Examples Album

by Ed McDonough (04/13/08).
Pretty color print of
Original Shipping Envelope
Album of Confederate Money Examples

During the early 1950s, the Civil War theme became very trendy in America, largely with pre-teens and early teens. Consequently, Cheerios offered this Confederate money album, which could be acquired through the mail for very little and probably some cereal boxtops. I acquired this album in 1968 from its original owner, and it was already about fifteen years old at that time. Today its value is a whopping $10 or so, proveing that not all investments will pay off. But it is a fun album anway. I still have the original shipping envelope, which probably is worth more than the album itself.

2 Responses to “1954 Cheerios Confederate Money Examples Album”

  1. chad duncan says:

    i have a almost mint 1964 $500 cheerios confederate banknote whats it worth if anything

  2. Maggie Turnipseed says:

    Cheerios Premium confederate banknotes began to be issued in 1954. For 25 cents and a Cheerios box top you received nine notes and an album.

    It is unfortunate, but your single Cheerios $500.00
    banknote has a very small value in today’s market. The entire Album sells for less than $10.00

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