2008 DNC Collectibles: Where to Get Them

While the Democratic National Convention in Denver is capturing all the front-page headlines, DNC collectibles are making news of their own along with Captain Cook’s boomerang and a hip-hop-bling auction.

DNC collectibles, serious to silly

You don’t need to hit downtown Denver post offices to pick up a collectible DNC commemorative envelope issued by the United States Postal Service.

The city’s 9News tells us that envelopes, which “feature cachet images of the downtown Denver skyline shown either during the day or night,” may be purchased through the mail (how else?). Send a check or money order (payable to Postmaster) to DNC collectible envelope, Denver Main Post Office, 951 20th Street,Denver, CO 80202-9998.

The price is $10 for each envelope. Indicate whether you want the night or day shot. And, of course, include your return address.

Of a sillier nature, a store in Denver, Fancy Tiger Crafts, is selling kits for making a felted-wool bust of Barack Obama. In about three or four generations, this could be an important collectible. Or not.

The Denver Post also reports that there are 40 vendors selling every manner of DNC memorabilia and merchandise on the city’s downtown 16th Street Mall—bumper stickers, buttons, T-shirts, Abe Lincoln hats, one of which Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper sported at the opening ceremony of the American Presidential Experience.

Captain Cook, explorer and collector

Captain James Cook, the intrepid 18th-century explorer, landed in New Holland—that’s Australia to us—in 1770. He took away with him an aboriginal boomerang. He never figured out what it was for and couldn’t ask the aborigines since, being no fools, they fled whenever they spotted Cook and his crew.

Cook’s widow—he died in a battle with Hawaiians in 1779—kept the strange object. It was passed from one inheritor to another through the centuries out of public view until now.

Reuters UK reports that today’s possessor of the boomerang is putting it up for auction at Christie’s, London, September 25, where it is estimated to sell for more than $100,000.

Wondered if it remained unused through all those the years.

Bling, bling, bling goes the auction

Are you a hip-hop wannabe who wants to dress the part? If so, do we have the auction for you.

Sassybella.com , which bills itself as the chronicler of “fashion news and gossip with a sprinkling of lighthearted beauty tidbits and flashbacks to fashion’s illustrious past,” has the lowdown on the Phillips de Pury sale of such goodies as jewelry owned by 50 Cent Daddy, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G. and a lot of other biggies in the hip-hop constellation.

Speaking of constellation, you probably can spot from outer space Lil’ Jon’s diamond pendant necklace that weighs 12 pounds and tells us “Crunk Ain’t Dead.” In case you’re not familiar with crunk, it’s a hip-hop genre. Beyond that, you’ll have to Google it yourself.