34th Annual Ogunquit Antiques Show

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While at home for a change here in Southern Maine, I decided to keep the WorthPoint show presence going strong with a visit to the 34th annual Ogunquit antiques show at the Dunaway center in Ogunquit, Maine that was held September 13-14. I am so glad that I made an appearance at this small show. I saw very high end quality merchandise, in a small selected dealer setting. I attend shows all over the
place and this show had a great ambiance and quality antiques to match the atmosphere. The show was 25 or so dealers, mostly from the immediate area, all seemed more than happy to be there, and furthermore were very willing to share stories about their antiques and experiences.

As a year round resident of Southern Maine, I really appreciate all the collectibles that are here in my backyard, Maine is very rich in this market. I saw some really impressive Roseville pottery pieces, some wonderful depression glass, 2 beautiful works by New Hampshire native Maxfield Parrish, and countless other treasures.

In my show travels, I was very pleased to see the likes of Ed McDonough Jr. Ed is a Worthologist for WorthPoint and was selling some of his quality jewelry and related wares at the show. Ed and his dad, Ed Sr. are also locals from Saco, and operate Seven Gables. You may have seen them answer coin & jewelry questions on the site as this is their area of expertise. I always love running into fellow site users and employees while I am in the field.

I would rate the show an overall success, as all the proceeds benefit the Ogunquit Heritage Museum, which is an experience in itself. Ogunquit has always been known as a beach front tourist community with a major flare for the arts. Countless celebrities have stomped there, whether on vacation or doing an off broadway show at the world famous Ogunquit Playhouse.

If you vacation in the Ogunquit area, please check and see what antiques festivals are in the area at the time. If there are no shows, you can shop the antiques co-op malls that line the entire seacoast in this collectibles rich area. Please check out the pictures that I was able to get from this quality show, I think you will be as impressed as I was at the quality merchandise displayed.

See you at the next show!!!!