Abingdon Pottery

The Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing Company began manufacturing bathroom fixtures in 1908 in Abingdon, Ill. The company’s art pottery line was introduced in 1938 and eventually consisted of more than 1,000 shapes and forms decorated in nearly 150 different colors. In 1945 the company changed its name to Abingdon Potteries, Inc. The art pottery line remained in production until 1950, when fire destroyed the art pottery kiln. After the fire, the company focused once again on plumbing fixtures. Eventually, Abingdon Potteries became Briggs Manufacturing Company, a firm noted for its sanitary fixtures.

Reference: Joe Paradis, “Abingdon Pottery Artware: 1934–1950,” Schiffer Publishing, 1997.

— Harry L. Rinker

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