Akro Agate

The Akro Agate Company was founded in Ohio in 1911 primarily to manufacture agate marbles. In 1914 the firm opened a large factory in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Increasing competition in the marble industry in the 1930s prompted Akro Agate to expand. In 1936, following a major fire at the Westite factory, Akro Agate purchased many of Westite’s molds. Akro Agate now boasted a large line of children’s dishes, floral wares, and household accessories. The company also produced specialty glass containers for cosmetic firms, including the Mexicali cigarette jar (originally filled with Pick Wick bath salts) and a special line made for the Jean Vivaudou Company, Inc.

The Clarksburg Glass Company bought the factory in 1951.

Akro Agate glass has survived the test of time because of its durability. Most pieces are marked “Made in USA” and often include a mold number. Some pieces have a small crow in the mark. Early pieces of Akro made from Westite molds may be unmarked but were produced only in typical Akro colors and color combinations.

Reference: Gene Florence, “The Collectors Encyclopedia of Akro Agate Glassware,” Revised Edition, Collector Books, 1975, 1992 value update, out of print.

— Harry L. Rinker

“Official Price Guide to Collectibles”

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