Alaska Quarter Missing Initials

An example of the quarter should appear, with CLV initials.
The filled die preventing planchet metal from flowing into the area of the designer's initials during strike, so none appears.

Some Alaskan State quarters are showing up with the designer’s initials missing. The designer, Charles Vickers, whose initials CLV are supposed to be showing in the right lower quadrant near the bear’s left paw. Others are showing “ghost images” of the initials and others exhibited just one or two initials.

Debris which builds up around the minting machinery, made up of grease, oil, metal filings known as “mint goop” may work itself into and cover the dies. At first glance it appears like light scratching but are actually a number of tiny “strike through” areas from the metal flecks.

Resources: Numismatic News November 4, 2008

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  1. Freddi says:

    Re: Alaska Missing Initials: Does this fact make the coins valuable?

    Thanks for your response

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