American Bisque

The American Bisque Company, founded in Williamstown, West Virginia in 1919, was originally established for the manufacture of china head dolls. The company soon began producing novelties such as cookie jars, ashtrays, serving dishes, and ceramic giftware.

B. E. Allen, founder of the Sterling China Company, invested heavily in the company and eventually purchased the remaining stock. In 1982 the company operated briefly under the name American China Company. The plant ceased operations in 1983.

American Bisque items have various markings. The trademark “Sequoia Ware” is often found on items sold in gift shops. The Berkeley trademark was used on pieces sold through chain stores. The most common mark found consists of three stacked baby blocks with the letters A, B, and C.

Reference: Mary Jane Giacomini, “American Bisque,” Schiffer Publishing, 1994.

— Harry L. Rinker

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