The American Girl Doll

American Girl doll

Collecting dolls is a popular pastime among females young and old. From Raggedy Ann to Barbie, dolls are a part of growing up and often remain a part of the home through collections. A doll that has really made a splash in the media recently is the American Girl Doll. The American Girl Collection has gone beyond play and collecting to become a made for TV movie on the WB, a Disney Channel movie, a Nintendo video game, and a feature film.

The series was launched with three, 18-inch dolls from different periods of history. Each doll, in its way, indemnifies the American dream and comes with its own background story and accessories. The series has expanded since its inception, to include thirteen historic dolls total spanning 1764 to 1974.

American Girl Dolls are extremely collectible and are distinctive thanks to their high quality accessories and historically accurate dress. Each doll has its own miniature and books that tell its story. Each comes with trading cards and many have imaginative extras including detailed furniture and specialty accessories like puzzles, CD-ROMs, and even life size dress patterns. Some dolls or accessories have been retired which makes collecting that much more interesting.

An American Girl historic doll is priced at $87 in stores or catalogue. Outfits generally range in the $20+ and furniture items can be $100. Discontinued items are the real gems. An American Girl Doll issued in 2007 that has sold out and been retired lists for as much as $350 on Ebay. New-in-the-box Marisol was sold out and retired in 2005 and is currently listed at $200 on Ebay.

Oprah featured the latest American Girl Doll’s release on her show in November and the American Girl movie is slated for release July 2, 2008. It will star Abigail Breslin of Little Miss Sunshine fame and should be a boon to any collection of American Girl Dolls!
An excellent website dedicated to the series is written by Curt Danhauser:

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  1. kzuniga7 says:

    Have you ever heard of Sasha dolls? What do you know about their worth? When the American Girl series came out they reminded me of my Sasha doll from the ’60’s or ’70’s.

  2. James says:

    I still know about the American Girl Doll! So Hope this post can make me understand more…Thanks

  3. David says:

    I dont like american doll! But i still buy it because for my daughter! So thank you for review american doll..

  4. Jamie says:

    As a girl, I also wanted to collect the dolls, It is my favorite!

  5. Chris Hughes says:

    If you are wanting to learn more about Sasha dolls try searching for them in the Worthopedia, a database containing approx 2 million (and growing) realized auction prices.

    Also, try posting your question in Ask A Question (located in the “Answers” tab), where members of the WorthPoint community can help you with information.


    Chris Hughes

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