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Antiques Auction Forum: Paul DeCoste on Aaron Willard Orrery & Ivory Scrimshaw

by Martin Willis (06/07/11).

Martin visits veteran dealer Paul DeCoste in Massachusetts who specializes in antique marine & scientific instruments. They talk about Paul’s background, the people who shared knowledge with him and what the current market is like. Listen in to hear about a “best find,” an Aaron Willard Orrery. They later discuss rare ivory scrimshaw, fakes and the strict government enforcement on ivory “smuggling.”

Listen here: 

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Martin Willis is a Worthologist and auctioneer who owns Martin Willis Appraisals & Downsizing . You can hear his podcasts at the at Antique and Auction Forum , featuring interviews with key players in the antiques and collectibles trade.


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One Response to “Antiques Auction Forum: Paul DeCoste on Aaron Willard Orrery & Ivory Scrimshaw”

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