Antiques Auction Forum Podcast: A Randolph Street Market Round-Robin Conversation

Shopping at the Randolph Street Market in Chicago.

Shopping at the Randolph Street Market in Chicago.

In this edition of the Antiques Auction Forum, I host my annual round-robin conversation at the festive Randolph Street Market in Chicago with promoter Sally Schwartz, and antiques and collectibles experts Nena Ivon, Harry Rinker, Susan Klein Bagdade, Al Bagdade and Danielle Arnet, all addressing several issues facing the world of collecting in 2014.

Listen here:

Martin Willis is Worthologist, auctioneer and director of decorative arts for James D. Julia Auctioneers for the Boston region. You can hear his podcasts at the Antique and Auction Forum, featuring interviews with key players in the antiques and collectibles trade.

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