Electric Kitchen Appliances

The turn of the century saw the popularity of electric kitchen appliances increase to the point where most metropolitan households sported at least one of these modern conveniences. By the 1920s, innovations and improvements were occurring at a rapid pace. The variations designed for small appliances were limitless.

Some “firsts” in electrical appliances include:

1882 Patent for electric iron (H. W. Seeley [Hotpoint])
1903 Detachable cord (G. E. Iron)
1905 Toaster (Westinghouse Toaster Stove)
1909 Travel iron (G. E.)1911 Electric frying pan (Westinghouse)
1912 Electric waffle iron (Westinghouse)
1917 Table Stove (Armstrong)
1918 Toaster/Percolator (Armstrong “Perc-OToaster”)
1920 Heat indicator on waffle iron (Armstrong)
1920 Flip-flop toasters (all manufacturers)
1920 Mixer on permanent base (Hobart Kitchen Aid)
1920 Electric egg cooker (Hankscraft)
1923 Portable mixer (Air-O-Mix “Whip-All”)
1924 Automatic iron (Westinghouse)
1924 Home malt mixer (HamiltonBeach #1)
1926 Automatic pop-up toaster (Toastmaster #1h-AA)
1926 Steam iron (Eldec)
1937 Home coffee mill (Hobart Kitchen Aid)
1937 Automatic coffee maker (Farberware “CoffeeRobot”)
1937 Conveyance device toaster (“Toast-O-Lator”)

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— Harry L. Rinker

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