Artists’ Atelier Tour

The Artists’ Atelier Tour is an exclusive art studio tour in Buenos Aires, designed with the art collector in mind. Created by Natalia Margiotta, owner of art gallery Galería 5006, the Artists’ Atelier Tour takes artists, art enthusiasts, and art buyers into the private studios of artists represented by the gallery, ranging from classic master painters to feminist photographers to politically-bent performance artists, encouraging guests to create a dialogue with the artists and learn more about them, their ideas, and their work.

Each tour is limited to no more than 10 guests, keeping the atmosphere intimate and personal. Natalia picks guests up at their hotels or rented apartments, or they can opt to meet her at her gallery space in the lobby of the Design Suites Hotel in Recoleta. The Design Suites location has a schedule of rotating exhibitions and is currently showing the nostalgic “Saudades” series by photographer Alejo Schatzky (other recent exhibitors include Eleonora Margiotta and Fabiana Barreda).

Once all guests are accounted for, the tour heads to the first of four studios in the block of neighboring areas of Recoleta, Palermo, and Villa Crespo. Each studio is completely unique and beautiful (the tour is worth it just to see inside some of the magnificent porteño architecture), and the artists welcome the visitors with coffee and pastries, stacks of canvases (both finished and in progress), drawing portfolios, video projections, and books of photos of international exhibitions and installations. The artists are in all stages of their careers, from emerging to established, and all have impressive résumés and extensive bodies of work.

All of the work shown on the tour is for sale through Galería 5006. Prices, which will impress those whom the exchange rate favors, start at around $500 for a limited-edition photograph by Alejo Schatzky to $20,000 for a gigantic canvas by renowned abstract painter Ricardo Roux. If a guest has an interest in a particular piece, Natalia will carry the desired work back to her studio for the guests to inspect more carefully before making any decisions.

The tour concludes a few hours later with a lunch at Galería 5006’s private studio, where work by several other artists is on view. Many guests purchase pieces at this point and the gallery handles all of details of exportation and shipping.

Name: Artists’ Atelier Tour
Address: Design Suites Hotel, M.T. de Alvear 1683; Galería 5006, Charcas 5006
Phone number: (5411) 4772 0737
Email address:
Cost: $150 per person, includes transportation and lunch

The Artists’ Atelier Tour is set to go international, opening in New York City (with local NYC artists) in April 2008. Reservations can be made online or over the phone.