Barbie’s™ First Pet

Dog n Duds & Accessories
Dog n Duds (1964-1965)

1964 was a good year for Barbie™. There were many exciting changes and there were a few new faces added. Among these was a set called “Dog ‘n Duds” (stock #1613)

“Dog ‘n Duds” features a cute, gray poodle made out of wool type material. The poodle is about 4” long and 3” high. Like Barbie™ with her many outfits and accessories, her poodle has “Duds” as well. The set comes with 2 leashes with collars, a bowl of plastic dog food, a box of dog food and a doggie-bone. All the essentials, right? Yes, but what about the accessories?
I once thought my little poodle had it all, ha! “Dog ‘n Duds” was put together with the idea of matching some of Barbie’s ™ and Skipper’s™ outfits.
Additional items in the set included:
A pink and black plaid coat with shinny black vinyl trimming and belt
A red, velvety coat with gold trimming and belt
A ballet tutu of pink tulle and glitter
A yellow and black, felt party hat with a black masquerade mask
A white collar with a black ribbon tie
A pair of red and white ear muffs

I truly enjoy this set and all the many details Mattel included. The red collar even features gold studs and the attached leash is a delicate gold chain. The whole concept reminds me of some of our modern day celebrities and their accessorized pooches. Adorable!

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