Bauer Pottery

John Bauer founded the Paducah Pottery in Paducah, Kentucky, in 1885. John Andrew Bauer assumed leadership of the pottery in 1898 following the death of John Bauer. In 1909 the pottery moved its operations to Los Angeles, California.

The company’s award-winning artware line was introduced in 1913. Molded stoneware vases were marketed shortly thereafter.

In 1931 Bauer Pottery began production of its most popular line—Ring ware. Decorated in brightly colored glazes, it included over a hundred different shapes and sizes in table and kitchen lines. Ring ware proved to be Bauer’s most popular and profitable pattern. Other successful lines include Monterey (1936–45), La Linda (1939–59), and Brusche Contempo and Monterey Moderne (1948–61). Increasing competition at home and abroad and a bitter strike in 1961 forced Bauer to close its doors in 1962.

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— Harry L. Rinker

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