Campaigning with “O”

Obama Bumpersticker

The “O”

With the 2008 election reaching historic proportions, as either Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama will win the Democratic nomination, it remains easy to draw parallels from the past into the current electoral circumstances. After all, not since 1928 when Al Smith won the Democratic nomination, becoming the first Catholic to do so, has an election held such historic implications.

However, the election that most parallels the 2008 election is that of 1976, when Jimmy Carter, an unknown State Senator and Governor, upset the traditional Democratic establishment candidates by winning the nomination.

Like Carter, Obama has about the same experience, State Senator and United States Senator, and like Carter he is campaigning on the mantle of change. “Change you can believe in,” is as indefinable a catch phrase as Carter’s “A foreign policy as good as the American people.”

For collectors, the peanut came to symbolize Carter campaign, as his legions of volunteers, known as the peanut brigade, descended on Iowa and New Hampshire. Now, Obama’s O, pictured aside, has become the common thread with legions of young Obama volunteers. It will remain interesting to see if twenty years from now “The O” will be as synonymous to Obama as the peanut is to Carter.