Celebrating Thanksgiving at GoAntiques

Thanksgiving may not be the biggest collectibles holiday, there are some fun and affordable items out there to be had. First celebrated in the American colonies as a feast to mark the end of a successful harvest season, Thanksgiving has grown over almost 400 years into a major American holiday that centers around four Fs: family, friends, food and football.

As the holiday quickly approaches, dealers at GoAntiques have numerous Thanksgiving collectibles and antiques to offer. From early 1900s postcard greetings to collectible salt-and-pepper shakers, there’s something for every type of collector.

Among the most frequently found Thanksgiving items on GoAntiques are vintage postcards. Usually not more than $10, most of these greeting cards are from 1900–1915 when sending Thanksgiving cards to friends and family was more typical than today. The cards generally feature pastoral scenes with turkeys, cornucopias with autumn vegetables, and fall foliage.

As mascot of the holiday, turkeys grace many of the Thanksgiving collectibles at GoAntiques. There are several sets of mid-century turkey salt-and-pepper shakers available to complement a Thanksgiving table and a few collectible plates featuring turkeys. One highlight is an Alfred Meakin Staffordshire platter complete with large, colorful turkey in the center of the plate. The age of the platter is unclear. A good guess puts it somewhere in the first half of the 20th century. Also available are a 1950s Norman Rockwell plate with the artist’s famous Thanksgiving painting and a Bareuther Thanksgiving plate from 1971.

An especially appropriate couple is celebrated with a pair of 1930 Bradley and Hubbard bronze bookends: John and Priscilla Alden. The Aldens are thought to be the third couple to marry in the Pilgrims’ Plymouth colony in Massachusetts; this colony was among the first to celebrate Thanksgiving in America in 1623.

Vintage magazines are also available at GoAntiques, including a Thanksgiving issue of Life magazine from 1944. Several special Thanksgiving advertisements from the 1950s and 60s, along with a 7UP cardboard advertisement for the holiday, are also being sold.

Whatever makes up your collection—vintage greeting cards, collectible plates, or retro advertisements—there is certainly something at GoAntiques to complement it and add a bit of Thanksgiving spirit at the same time.

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