Clewwell Pottery

Clewwell Pottery
“Official Price Guide to Collectibles”
by Harry L Rinker

Charles Walter Clewell of Canton, Ohio, began his ceramic experiments in 1899. He opened his studio in 1906. His “Clewell Ware” pieces were produced in limited quantities between 1902 and 1955. When Clewell died in 1965, his daughter sold off his remaining stock.

Clewell’s emphasis was on decorative techniques which ranged from shaped metal over a ceramic lining to glazes based on historic prototypes, the most famous of which was a blue patina on bronze. He bought his blanks from a variety of potteries including Cambridge, Knowles, Taylor and Knowles, Owens, Rookwood, Roseville, and Weller. Clewell marks include: (1) impressed mark of “CLEWELL / CANTON O” inside two circles; (2) impressed mark of small “w” inside a large “C”; (3) impressed three line mark “Clewell / Metal Art / Canton, O.” inside circle; and (4) incised mark “CLEWELL/ CANTON O.”

Reference: Ralph and Terry Kovel, Kovel’s American Art Pottery, Crown, 1993.

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