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The Comic Speculator 01/06/2010

by Matt Baum (01/07/10).

Daredevil #1 (Marvel 1964)

Daredevil #1 (Marvel 1964)

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics and back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from the Overstreet Guide to Comics (OVST), (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of The codes under the prices of new titles discussed are Diamond Comics order codes that can be used to help your local comic retailer in ordering the issues discussed.

Back Issue Watch: is not a website I recommend visiting if you, like me, are both a comic collector and not a millionaire. Pedigree’s Grand Auctions are nothing short of amazing and their upcoming January auction begins on Monday, Jan. 18, 2010 and features some of the highest graded Marvel Silver Age Comics that have ever made it to auction. The one I’ll be watching is the CGC 9.6 graded Daredevil #1 (Marvel 1964). There are only five copies of Daredevil #1 graded in 9.6 condition and none graded higher. This auction could be ridiculous. The kind of ridiculous that causes someone at Overstreet to scream “stop the presses!” The kind of ridiculous that makes me wish I had been a young business savant with a natural predilection for hedge fund management. The really ridiculous thing is there are about 20 other comics this amazing in the same auction. Click Here to see previews of everything in the January Grand Auction.

New Comics Watch:

It’s the first new comics Wednesday of the year and shockingly, not a very big one. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of comics to kill your paycheck. But we’re here to discuss the ones that could be something of a collectible later. Before we get into all that, let’s look at the reprints coming out this week. Why do we look at reprints you ask? What better way to figure out which first printings are becoming hard to find. Nothing from DC this week, or perhaps I should say no Blackest Night reprints from DC this week. Image continues Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman’s “Haunt” reprints with a third-printing of Haunt #2 and a second-printing of Haunt #3. “Haunt” #1 is currently only selling for about $5 on eBay but does seem to be creeping up. Marvel ships a second-printing of “Siege: Cabal” #1,which is doing very well on eBay so far with first-printings selling for $4 and rising, the Alan Davis 1:50 variants selling for $20 and the 1:75 sketch variants selling for $35. Finally, Boom Studios “Wall-E” #0 ships a second printing as well. First printings of Wall-E #0 aren’t selling for much yet but there are very few on the net for sale. This could be an issue to watch.

Speculator Picks of the Week:

Here’s a look at three of this week’s comics that could sell out very quickly. If they’re not in your stack they might be very hard to find later.

Siege #1 of 4: Marvel Comics

Siege #1 of 4

Siege #1 of 4

Solicitation: Beginning with the ravaging affects of Avengers Disassembled and following the aftermaths of House of M, Civil War and Secret Invasion, culminating with the evil Reign of Norman Osborn, the Marvel Universe has been left with its greatest villains holding more power and control than ever before. On the brink of madness, Osborn, in his final bid to take total control, targets the final obstacle in his mission . . . Asgard. Events are set in motion forcing our heroes to put aside the deep rifts that have grown over the past seven years. Opposing them stand a horde of evil that has begun to take down the gods of the Golden Realm! Siege will rock the foundations of every super hero, villain and team in the Marvel Universe. As an era ends, one word will ring above all others . . . “Siege.”

40 PGS $3.99 US NOV090419 Preview Available! Written by Brian Michael Bendis; Pencils and Cover by Oliver Coipel; Inks by Array Variant; Cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

Why it’ll go fast: Take one look at the cover and you know why Seige #1 will sell out. The original Avengers are getting back together. I loved the Dark Reign as much as the next nerd but all things must end and Siege looks to be one hell of an ending. Both old nerds and new will come looking for this issue. The hype alone has me thinking about breaking into the local UPS hub tonight.

Suicide Squad #67: DC

Suicide Squad #67

Suicide Squad #67

Solicitation (Blackest Night (2009), Tie-In): Original Suicide Squad writer John Ostrander and Gail Simone resurrect The Suicide Squad as they take on Blackest Night and the Secret Six! The Fiddler has risen from the dead, and he’s targeting Deadshot and anyone who stands in his way. But someone else has targeted Deadshot—the Suicide Squad! Everything is about to hit the Wall (Amanda Waller, that is)—and this Wall hits back! Continuing this month’s one-issue revival of classic DC Universe titles, this epic story carries into January’s Secret Six #17!

32 PGS $2.99 US NOV090123 Written by Gail Simone and John Ostrander; Pencils by J. Calafiore; Cover by Daniel LuVisi.

Why it’ll go fast: Blackest Night tie-ins are hot and selling out almost instantly. This latest round of tie-ins could be a little tricky though. In the spirit of the dead returning to life DC has reanimated some of its old series including Suicide Squad. Now here’s the tricky part. Do the nerds care? I’m guessing they do and it’s not just because I was a huge fan of the old Ostrander Suicide Squad series. Like I said, Blackest Night titles are hot and this one will be no exception.

Weird Western Tales #71: DC

Weird Western Tales #71

Weird Western Tales #71

Solicitation: The gun-slinging action continues here in an issue written by DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio! Western heroes Jonah Hex, Bat Lash, Scalphunter and Firehair rise from the dead as Black Lanterns. But will they save the west—or ruin it? Find out in another of this month’s one-issue revivals of classic DC Universe titles!

32 PGS $2.99 US NOV090122 Written by Dan DiDio; Pencils by Renato Arlem; Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Why it’ll go fast: See above. But honestly, I have to say something here. I’ve been very vocal in my disapproval of DC Editor-In-Chief Dan DiDio’s handling of the company and weird editorial decisions, but honestly Dan, do you really need to write this one? Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are already writing some of the best Western comics ever written currently in the pages of “Jonah Hex,” but obviously, you should take the reigns on this one. Come on Dan. Get over yourself. Regardless, this one will sell like hot cakes. Well, Happy New Year nerds. It’s 2010—the year we make contact. Thanks for sticking with me through the years and I promise, if you stay through 2011, not only will you not regret it but I’ll personally give you $1,000 (if my new WorthPoint budget is approved; flood them with e-mails. NOW!).


Matt Baum is WorthPoint’s comic book Worthologist. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact me or post your question below in the “comments” section below. Also, you can follow him on Twitter, where I’m always screaming about something nerd-related. Thanks to all Matt’s new followers and keep the comments coming! Want to know what your comics are worth? Join WorthPoint to search its database or use its “Ask A Worthologist” feature. Remember to post the title, issue number and cover price. And finally, a word to the Federal Trade Commission; all the comics discussed here are purchased solely by the writer, who receives no gifts or free merchandise from any publishers, even though he would graciously accept them.


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