The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 05/12/2010

White Lantern Ring.

White Lantern Ring.

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics and back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from the Overstreet Guide to Comics (OVST), (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of The codes under the prices of new titles discussed are Diamond Comics order codes that can be used to help your local comic retailer in ordering the issues discussed.

If you didn’t get your free White Lantern Ring last week when you bought your copy of DC’s Brightest Day #1, hopefully you didn’t accuse your retailer of hording them to sell on eBay to gullible millionaires’ children. As it turns out, there was some kind of mistaken shipping allocation and several retailers just didn’t receive their promotional rings. But don’t fret; Diamond announced it’d be taking care of the problem with this announcement:

“Retailers affected by this allocation will receive a free bag of 50 Green Lantern Promotional Rings (FEB100120J), a free bag of 50 Black Lantern Promotional Rings (JAN108142J) and a free copy of the Brightest Day #1 Variant Edition (MAR100160D) for each bag of white rings not received.”

Diamond also made the rings returnable for retailers who wanted to cancel their order and would give them a free Brightest Day variant for each refused bag of rings. Before the announcement hit, bags of 50 White Lantern Rings were selling for almost $100 each online last Thursday. By Friday, after the announcement, the hysteria seemed to have ended and the artificial White Lantern Ring shortage alarms ended with prices falling to the $30-$40 level.

So pay attention, eBay price gougers, and stop calling the White Rings “rare.”

New Comics Round-Up:

Below you will find all the info you could possibly need on the comics shipping this Wednesday, May 12, 2010. If feelings of depression or suicide increase after reading, stop using this blog immediately. For a full list of comics shipping this week, click here. To find a comic shop near you, click here.

Sell Out News:

Invincible Iron Man #25

Invincible Iron Man #25

Invincible Iron Man #25 sold out last week and Marvel has announced a second printing with a variant cover by series artist Salvador Larocca, scheduled to ship on June 2. The final order cut-off date on this is May 13, so if you’re interested, get it ordered this week.

Invincible Iron Man #25 MAR108097D, $3.99

#25 is still pretty readily available in most shops so it isn’t blowing up on eBay yet. The 1:10 Herb Trimpe variants are selling for $10 and the “Foilogram” (I put this word in quotes because it means nothing and foil covers are so 1995) 1:25 variants are selling for $12-$15. There’s also an auction for the original art for the Herb Trimpe cover that’s worth checking out. Currently bidding is only up to $355.

American Vampire #1

American Vampire #1

The Second-printing of American Vampire #1 ships this week with a variant cover by series artist Rafael Albuquerque.

American Vampire #1 Second Printing (FEB108511)

American Vamp #1 sold out quickly, but not as fast as predicted by, well, me. Prices have started to creep up on first printings online, with first printings selling for $3 to $5, but there’s also no shortage of them listed. This is probably a title that will see the bulk of its sales in collected editions .

This Week’s Variant News:

DC is hitting nerds with a variant blitz this week, but I’m only going to talk about a couple of them. Mainly because you don’t need the others, but “need” could be too strong of a word either way.

Batman – The Return of Bruce Wayne #1

Batman – The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 Sprouse variant.

Birds of Prey #1 Chaing variant.

Birds of Prey #1 Chaing variant.

New Mutants #13 finch variant.

New Mutants #13 finch variant.

The 1:25 Batman – The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 (of 6) Chris Sprouse variant cover looks awesome and this series is going to be dumb hot. The regular cover of #1 will probably be over-ordered and readily available for months, but 1:25 variants could be sought after. Retailers will be asking anywhere from $20-$30 for this one. If you can find the Sprouse variant for less than $20, pick it up.

Cliff Chaing is one of my favorite artists working today and his 1:25 variant of Birds of Prey #1 just reinforces my love. Retailers will be asking $20-$25 for this one, and again, anything price under $20 makes this one a must buy. And I’m not just saying this because I met Chiang and he was super nice, and gave me free stuff. This could be a tough variant to find as I’m guessing most shops won’t be ordering 25 copies of Birds #1. But they will be re-ordering it when the title sells out. See my Speculator picks for more.

On to Marvel: David Finch is back with another Second Coming Variant. New Mutants #13 ships with a 1:25 Finch variant that, like all the other Finch Second Coming variants, will sell very well. Look for a $20 to $25 price tag on this one and, as always, anything less than that is a steal.

Siege #4

Siege #4

I’ve received a couple of questions on the Siege Variants and whether they’re worth the price of admission. It’s a timely question because Siege #4 ships this week, along with four variant covers. The most ridiculous being the Joe Quesada 1:200 variant and Joey Q 1:300 sketch variant. At present, retailers are asking anywhere from $100 to $300 for these covers (there’s been one for each issue so far), but are nerds buying them? The highest-selling Siege Quesada variants are the more limited sketch covers, but currently they’re only selling for around $100. The 1:200 Joe Q variants are only selling for around $50. The moral of this story; if you decide you need one of these variants, wait and buy it on eBay, but don’t expect it to double in value any time soon.

Speculator Picks of the Week:

These are comics that could sell out very quickly due to conservative ordering, popular demand, shipping errors, voodoo curses or any other set of unforeseen events. Pick them up while you can or pay too much for them later. Maybe, I’m just calling my shot here . . .

Birds of Prey #1; DC

Birds of Prey #1

Birds of Prey #1

Solicitation: Because you demanded it, fan-favorites Gail Simone (Wonder Woman, Secret Six) and Ed Benes (Justice League, Green Lantern) reunite to reinvent the book where they made their explosive debut as a team. Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk all return to Gotham City—where they belong—and they’ve brought a couple of new friends (or are they foes?) along with them! Guest-starring a major Bat-villain and the first appearance of the most dangerous, most twisted new Birds villain ever!

32 pages
Written by Gail Simone; Art and cover by Ed Benes.

Why it’ll go fast: The first Birds of Prey was a fan-favorite that even lead to a really crappy show on the now defunct WB network. It was only a matter of time before Birds came back (no series stays cancelled for long these days), but the real reason to be excited is the creative team. Gail Simone and Ed Benes are perfect for this comic and fans are going to devour issue one. I don’t see Birds selling out in the first week, but after the re-orders come pouring in it’ll be long gone.

Justice League Generation Lost #1: DC

Justice League Generation Lost #1

Justice League Generation Lost #1

Solicitation: Spinning out of Brightest Day, DC’s new biweekly event begins here! Someone is targeting the old members of the defunct Justice League International. Now, surviving members Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire and Ice have to figure out what unseen mastermind is threatening to destroy the entire Super Hero community! There are no gray areas here—it’s black and white and red with blood all over for this lost generation of Super Heroes as original Justice League International writer Keith Giffen is joined by superstar scribe Judd Winick (Batman, Green Arrow) for a new era in excitement! And don’t miss the monumental re-teaming of Giffen and his former JLI writing partner J.M. DeMatteis on this month’s Booster Gold #32!

40 pages
Written by Judd Winick and Kieth Giffen; Art by Aaron Lopresti; Cover by by Tony Harris.

Why it’ll go fast: The last couple Kieth Giffen JLA re-visitations have not sold well but were critical darlings and loved by those of us that are old enough to remember his first outing on the Justice League with fan-favorite artist Kevin Maguire. This series has something going for that the last two lacked; continuity and direction. Oh, and Judd Winick. Let’s face it, anyone who loves comics loves something Kieth Giffen has written but probably nothing he’s written in the last two years. Teaming him with Winick seems to be an ingenious move, but we’ll find out if it works this Wednesday. Retailers, however, will not believe in this one and are going to order low. Keep in mind this issue was offered the same month as several other number ones and the final issue of Marvel’s Siege event. It’s an expensive month for retailers and they are not going to be taking chances with another Justice League mini-series, especially when recent Justice League mini’s have sold so poorly.

New Mutants #13:Marvel

New Mutants #13

New Mutants #13

Solicitation: Second Coming, Chapter Seven: Nothing is going right for Cyclops as he tries to prepare his army for war. The X-Men are falling apart at the seams. Schisms are forming regarding Hope and her importance while Bastion’s spy continues to terrorize them from inside their own home.

32 Pages
Written by Zeb Wells; Art by Ibraim Roberson: Cover by Adi Granov.

Why it’ll go fast: Just like the last issue of New Mutants, which was also a Second Coming tie-in, this one will sell out instantly. New Mutants #12 was the first Second Coming tie-in and sold well. I haven’t seen the exact numbers yet but I guarantee it sold better than issue #11, which was the 49th-most ordered comic in March. Retailers are in the middle of a blockbuster month for comics and forced to make some tough choices. Not everyone who has been reading Uncanny X-Men will buy New Mutants, even if it’s a direct tie-in to the Second Coming story, and with that in mind, they will order less on this title knowing it’ll sell out. It’s a safe bet to raise your orders slightly and re-order if available. Which New Mutants #13 won’t be, but next week the Avengers titles begin their re-launch so, something has to fall through the cracks. When Second Coming is over and done with these New Mutants tie-ins are going to be the hardest issues to find.


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