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The Comic Speculator – Marvel Now’s New Iron Man #1

by Matt Baum (11/08/12).

Tales of Suspense #39 (Marvel, 1963)

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The Back Issue Report

As faithful readers might remember, last week we were discussing the Marvel Now relaunch and took a look at Deadpool’s many #1’s. The “Merc with a Mouth” wasn’t the only one to launch a new series this week. Iron Man also has new #1, complete with a new creative team, so what better time to take a look at a few of the Armored Avenger’s key Silver-Age appearances and #1 issues.

Tales of Suspense #39 (Marvel, 1963): When talking about Iron Man, you have to start with Tony Stark’s first appearance. Iron Man was created by writer Stan “The Man” Lee, scripter Larry Lieber and designed by legendary Marvel artists Jack “King” Kirby and Don Heck. At the time, Tales of Suspense was a Sci-Fi anthology comic and Iron Man could have very easily been another throw-away character had sales not spiked with his first appearance. Tales of Suspense #39 has long been considered a “holy grail” Silver-Age comic, but after Iron Man starred in his first movie in 2008, it has become one of the most expensive Silver-Age comics and highly sought after.

Back in 2008, a copy of TOS #39 in CGC #9.4 sold for $147,500 in a private deal brokered by PedigreeComics. After that, things went nuts, with the issue routinely selling for more than $145,000 and the highest-graded issue, a CGC 9.6, sold for an amazing $375,000 in April of 2012 at ComicLink. Today, in CGC 9.8, the issue guides for $144,000 but here’s the catch. The CGC census lists zero copies in 9.8 condition (and only three in 9.6), so we really have no idea what it would sell for. With the previous sale of a 9.6 selling for $375 Grand, I would guess a 9.8 could clear $400,000 easily.

Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1 (Marvel. 1968)

Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1 (Marvel. 1968): In May of 1968, one month after Tales of Suspense #39 hit the racks, Iron Man would get his own series. But in April, writers Archie Goodwin and Roy Thomas, along with artist Gene Colan (who would pencil the iconic Iron Man #1, 1968, cover), gave fans this one-shot that came with the tag line “Special Once-in-a-Lifetime” issue. How do you pass that up? Currently, the comic guides at $1,440 in CGC 9.8 condition and $720 un-slabbed. Both these prices seemed low, but after checking the CGC Census, which lists 443 issue in 9.0 condition or better, it seems there’s still a lot of these comics out there in great condition.

Iron Man #1 (Marvel, 1968)

Iron Man #1 (Marvel, 1968): Fast-forward one month and Iron Man finally gets his own series, written by Archie Goodwin with art by Gene Colan. Side note; Iron Man #1, 1968, is easily my favorite Silver-Age cover and possibly my favorite Marvel cover. Believe it or not, high-grade issues of Iron Man #1 are still available for very affordable prices. Really! Un-slabbed, you can find this issue in 9.0-plus condition for around $1,000 (I know, a grand for a comic sounds anything but “affordable,” but compared to some other Marvel comics from the same time, trust me, it’s a steal). In CGC 9.8 condition, this issue guides for $10,800. But, as it would turn out, Iron Man #1 is one of those rare titles that the CGC Census lists two copies in 9.9 condition. How rare is that, you ask? According to ComicLink President Josh Nathanson, “There have been over 300,000 Silver Age comic books graded by CGC, yet only 27 of them have received the grade of CGC Mint 9.9.” So, very rare indeed. Last November, ComicLink auctioned off an Iron Man #1 in CGC 9.9 and it sold for a whopping $69,600. Just a smidge higher than what the 9.8 copy guides for.

Silver-Age Iron Man comics have proven to be a better investment than just about any stock on the exchange and the scary part here, with the popularity of the Iron Man and Avengers movies, the price of Iron Man #1’s are going to continue to climb from here.


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