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The Comic Speculator – Marvel’s Deadpool Relaunch

by Matt Baum (11/07/12).

Marvel Now Deadpool #1 will relaunch the character on Nov. 7.

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The Back Issue Report

Next Wednesday, Nov. 7, Marvel starts another huge relaunch of its super-hero comics as a part of its Marvel Now initiative. Unlike the DC relaunch, Marvel isn’t starting all over but setting its heroes up for the new status quo with new #1’s beginning with next week’s Deadpool and Iron Man #1’s. So it seems like as good as time as ever for the comic speculator to take a look at the various Iron Man and Deadpool first issues through all the incarnations of the titles and see what they’re selling for.

Let’s start with Deadpool. Created by writer Fabian Niczea and artist Rob Liefeld in the pages of New Mutants #98, Deadpool has had several ongoing and miniseries runs, but his first appearance is by far the big prize for any serious Deadpool collector.

New Mutants #98 (Marvel, 1991)

New Mutants #98 (Marvel, 1991): At one point, the first appearance of Deadpool was selling for more than $1,000 in CGC 9.8 condition. Since then, things have cooled off a bit and are now selling for $200 to $300. The dip in price was due to the flood of copies in high-quality condition that hit the Internet after every retailer who had squirreled away an entire short box of this issue in their back room decided they wanted to make a grand on each of them, too. Un-slabbed, you can pick this issue up for just under $100.

Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1 (Marvel, 1993)

Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1 (Marvel, 1993): Deadpool next appeared in his first miniseries by writer Mark Waid and soon to be X-artist extraordinaire Joe Madureira. At the time, there was roughly a million of these printed, as comics sold a little better in the 1990s than they do today, so there’s still plenty of these around. Currently, you can pick this issue up CGC’ed in 9.8 condition for a little less than $30. There was also a 1,000-run limited edition signed by Joe Madureira that sells for a little more than $100 and is getting harder and harder to find. Un-slabbed, you can find this issue for $7-$10.

Deadpool #1 (Marvel, 1994)

Deadpool #1 (Marvel, 1994): This was another miniseries by Mark Waid, this time with art by newcomer Ian Churchill and, again, Marvel printed upwards of a million of issue #1, meaning there’s still plenty of these around. In slabbed, 9.8 condition, this one sells for around $25 and un-slabbed you can find it as low as cover price. It’s a shame, too, because this is one of my favorite Deadpool stories.

Deadpool #1 (Marvel, 1997)

Deadpool #1 (Marvel, 1997): This was the first of Deadpool’s regular ongoing series and, thanks to writer Joe Kelley, the character was really developed into the fast-talking “merc with a mouth.” Think Spider-man with guns if he had a psychotic child with Bugs Bunny. This was also some of super-star artist Ed McGuinnes’ first work at Marvel, which definitely helps its valuation. It was still the ’90s, and shortly before the great comic market crash of the late ’90s, so there were plenty of these printed. Thanks to Ed McGuinness’ art and the general good will toward this series, it’s actually kind of difficult to find copies in 9.0 condition or better. Currently, this issue sells for a little less than $100 in CGC 9.8 condition and you can pick up un-slabbed versions for about $20. Side note, though; this issue featured the best-looking Sasquatch that I can recall.

Baby’s First Deadpool Book #1 (Marvel, 1998)

Baby’s First Deadpool Book #1 (Marvel, 1998): This one-shot written by Joe Kelley, with art by Joe Cooper, is becoming more and more difficult to find. The one-shot came out the same month as Deadpool #23 and the hype on the series began to die off, along with retailers orders. The comic market was in full crash mode by this time and one-shots weren’t top priority when it came to orders. Today, it sells for $20 un-slabbed and it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen a graded copy for sale. The CGC census lists 27 copies in 9.8 condition and I would guess it would sell for anywhere from $50-$90.

Cable and Deadpool #1

Cable and Deadpool #1 (Marvel 2004): Writer Fabian Nicezia paired Deadpool up with Cable for an unlikely buddy-superhero title that lasted 50 issues and, at the time, was a hot seller. In CGC 9.8, this one sells for a little less than $50 and you can pick it up un-slabbed for $10. This is another beloved Deadpool series and full runs are pretty hard to come by. I would guess a complete run would sell for upwards of $200.

Deadpool #1 (Marvel, 2008)

Deadpool #1 (Marvel, 2008): Four years later, Deadpool’s popularity would have a sudden renaissance with writer Daniel Way taking the Merc with a Mouth in an even wackier direction with help from artist Paco Medina. The first issue of this series was a “Secret Invasion” tie in so it was well-ordered and still pretty easy to find for less than $5. The real winner here was the Rob Liefeld 1:25 variant. Currently, the variant sells for $25-$30 un-slabbed and in CGC 9.8 can sell for upwards of $140.

Deadpool; Merc with a Mouth #1 (Marvel, 2009)

Deadpool; Merc with a Mouth #1 (Marvel, 2009): Like I said, about this time Deadpool was selling very well, so Marvel, as it’s known to do, decided fans needed even more and gave them this second monthly series that loosely tied-into the Marvel Zombies storyline. Zombies were pretty popular at the time, too. The series ran for 13 issues and I vaguely recall Marvel trying to pass it off as a limited series. This first issue was hot when it first hit the stands and was sold out before shipping. The first week of its release, Merc #1 was selling for $15 and up, but the price has come down since then. Now you can pick one up un-slabbed for $5-$7 and in CGC 9.8 for about $25. The Ed McGuinness variant of this #1 does a little better, selling for around $10 and in CGC 9.8 for a little less than $40.

This next Marvel Now Deadpool #1 is probably going to be another big hit and will undoubtedly be very well ordered. Comedian Brian Posehn is co-writing the new series with art by Walking Dead artist Tony Moore. As always, there’s several different variants available, all of which I’ll detail in this coming week’s TCS New Comics Round-Up.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the other big Marvel Now relaunch, Iron Man, and see how the armored Avenger’s first issues stack up.


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