The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 03/05/2014

Rogue Trooper #1 (Cover SUB James Stokoe), $3.99

New Comics Roundup

This week kicks off with a new Dark Horse series about a mysterious woman written by Greg Rucka, continues with the story of an aging space hero by Mark Millar, and then plucks a genetically modified soldier from across the pond and drops him at IDW. There’s also a serious conspiracy story brewing at BOOM! and Moon Knight returns with a new #1 at Marvel. Do your homework, steel yourselves and then get to your comic shop and get a new stack of books!

Below you will find all the info you could possibly need on all the hot, new comics shipping this Wednesday, March 5, including variant ratios, previews (click on the links), storyline and creator notes and a little speculation on what could be hard to find in the future. The ratios listed after titles (i.e. 1:10) represent how many issues of a regular cover retailers had to order to get the variant. The prices in parenthesizes after variant listings (i.e. $10-$15), are my suggested price points, based on ordering ratio and popularity, that you should look for if buying. Issues that are part of a crossover or storyline have an abbreviated title in parenthesis after the title comic (i.e. AvX). Be sure to let me know what you think of the format and remember to click on the links for previews. To find a comic shop near you, click here.

Abbreviations: AR – Ask Retailer (for price info); FOC – Final Order Cutoff date; GN – Graphic Novel; HC – Hardcover; RI – Retailer Incentive; SC – Soft Cover; SUB – Subscription Variant; TP – Trade Paperback; Vol. – Volume.



For Better or For Worse It’s One Thing After Another TP, $22.99


Black Coat The Blackest Dye GN, $12.99. Sold out.


Afterlife with Archie #4 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $2.99
Afterlife with Archie #4 (Tim Seeley Variant Cover), $2.99
Archie Double Digest #249, $3.99
Mega Man #34 (Patrick Spaziante Regular Cover), $2.99

Mega Man #34 (Ben Bates Mega Man X Variant Cover)

Mega Man #34 (Ben Bates Mega Man X Variant Cover), $2.99. Mega Man X debuts.

Sonic Super Sized Super Digest #6, $6.99
Sonic The Hedgehog Mega Man Worlds Collide Vol. 2 Into the Warzone TP, $11.99

World of Archie Double Digest #37, $3.99. Sold out.


Extinction Parade #5 (Raulo Caceres Leather Cover), $14.99
God Is Dead #8 (German Nobile Carnage Wraparound Cover), $3.99
God Is Dead #8 (Jacen Burrows End Of Days Cover), $3.99
God Is Dead #8 (Jacen Burrows Iconic Cover), $3.99
God Is Dead #8 (Jacen Burrows Regular Cover), $3.99
God Is Dead #8 (Jacen Burrows Gilded Incentive), 1:3 ($4-$5)
Rover Red Charlie #4 (of 6)(Dipascale Regular Cover), $3.99
Rover Red Charlie #4 (of 6)(Dipascale Wraparound Cover), $3.99
Rover Red Charlie #4 (of 6)(Dipascale Dog Days Incentive), 1:3 ($4-$5)


Warhammer 40K Blood of Asaheim SC, $14
Warhammer 40K False Gods TP, $16


Adventure Time #18 (Bryan Turner SDCC Variant), $9.99. Sold out.

Adventure Time Candy Capers #1 (of 6)(Bryan Turner SDCC Variant), $9.99. Sold out.

Adventure Time The Flip Side #3 (of 6)(Cover A Wook Jin Clark), $3.99
Adventure Time The Flip Side #3 (of 6)(Cover B Nicole Miles), $3.99
Adventure Time The Flip Side #3 (of 6)(Cover C Heather Danforth), 1:15 ($5-$7)
Adventure Time The Flip Side #3 (of 6)(Cover D Sloane Leong), 1:25 ($6-$8)
Adventure Time Volume 3 Seeing Red GN, $11.99

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake #6 (of 6)(Kassandra Heller SDCC Variant), $9.99. Sold out.

Day Men #1 (Khary Randolph NYCC Variant Cover), $9.99
Day Men #3 (Cover A Brian Stelfreeze), $3.99

Evil Empire #1 (Cover A Jay Shaw), $3.99. New series written by Say Anything front man Max Bemis.

Evil Empire #1 (Cover B Robbi Rodriguez), 1:15
Evil Empire #1 (Cover C Jay Shaw), 1:25

Evil Empire #1 (Jay Shaw CBLDF Comics Code Variant)

Evil Empire #1 (Scott Newman Phantom Variant)

Evil Empire #1 (Jay Shaw CBLDF Comics Code Variant), $10. Only made available to CBLDF retailers.

Evil Empire #1 (Scott Newman Phantom Variant), ($5-$7)
Garfield #23 (Cover A Andy Hirsch), $3.99
Rubicon TP, $14.99
Suicide Risk #11 (Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards), $3.99


Batman Science The Real World Science Behind Batman’s Gear SC, $9.95


Comic Shop News #1394, Free


Avatar The Last Airbender Volume 7 The Rift Part 1 TP, $10.99
Bad Blood #3 (of 5), $3.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 5 The Core TP, $17.99
Captain Midnight Archives Vol. 2 Captain Midnight Saves The World HC, $49.99
Catalyst Comix #9 (of 9), $2.99
Dream Thief Volume 1 TP, $17.99
EVE Source HC, $39.99
Gasoline Alley Volume 1 The Complete Sundays 1920-1922 HC, $75
Grimm Nick Burkhardt Bust, $79.99
Grindhouse Doors Open at Midnight #6 (of 8), $3.99
Juice Squeezers #3 (of 4), $3.99
Lobster Johnston Get the Lobster #2 (of 5), $3.99
Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #10, $3.99
Terminator Salvation The Final Battle #4 (of 12), $3.99

Veil #1 (of 5), $3.50. New mini from Lazarus writer Greg Rucka.


Action Comics #29 (Aaron Kuder Cover), $3.99

Action Comics #29 (Robot Chicken Variant)

Action Comics #29 (Robot Chicken Variant), 1:25 ($7-$10)

Animal Man Volume 4 Splinter Species TP, $14.99. Collects issues #20-23 and ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #2.

Batman Superman Annual #1 (Jae Lee Regular Cover), $5.99
Batman Superman Annual #1 (Ed Benes Variant Cover), 1:25 ($8-$10)
Batwing #29, $2.99

Detective Comics #29 (Guillem March Regular Cover), $3.99. “Gothtopia” conclusion.

Detective Comics #29 (Guillem March Combo Pack Cover), $4.99. With digital download code.

Detective Comics #29 (Robot Chicken Variant Cover)

Detective Comics #29 (Robot Chicken Variant Cover), 1:25 ($7-$10)
Earth 2 #21 (Ken Lashley Regular Cover), $2.99

Earth 2 #21 (Robot Chicken Variant Cover)

Earth 2 #21 (Robot Chicken Variant Cover), 1:25 ($7-$9)
Fairest #24, $2.99
Forever Evil #6 (of 7)(David Finch Regular Cover), $3.99
Forever Evil #6 (of 7)(David Finch Combo Pack Cover), $4.99
Forever Evil #6 (of 7)(Ethan Van Sciver Variant A), 1:25 ($5-$6)
Forever Evil #6 (of 7)(Ethan Van Sciver Variant B), 1:50 ($7-$10)
Forever Evil #6 (of 7)(Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Variant), 1:100 ($20-$25)
Forever Evil Arkham War #6 (of 6)(Jason Fabok Regular Cover), $2.99
Forever Evil Arkham War #6 (of 6)(Jason Fabok B&W Variant), 1:25 ($6-$8)

Green Arrow #29, $2.99. “The Outsiders War”part three.

Green Lantern #29 (Billy Tan Regular Cover), $2.99

Green Lantern #29 (Billy Tan Combo Pack Cover), $3.99. With digital download code.

Harley Quinn Welcome to Metropolis TP, $19.99. Collecting HARLEY QUINN (2000) #14-25

Hawkworld TP (New Edition), $14.99

Hellblazer Shoot TP, $14.99. Collects HELLBLAZER #144, 145, 245, 246, the gala issue #250 and VERTIGO RESURRECTED: HELLBLAZER – SHOOT #1.

Hinterkind #6, $2.99
MAD Magazine #526, $5.99
Movement #10, $2.99
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #3, $2.99
Stormwatch #29, $2.99
Swamp Thing #29, $2.99
Trillium #7 (of 8)(resolicited), $2.99

Trinity of Sin The Phantom Stranger #17, $2.99. “FOREVER EVIL: BLIGHT” Continues in this month’s CONSTANTINE #12.

Trinity of Sin The Phantom Stranger Volume 2 Breach of Faith TP, $14.99. Collecting issues #6-11.

Vampire Diaries #3, $3.99
Wonder Woman The Art of War Statue by Jim Lee, $79.95


Mercy Sparx Volume 1 TP, $17.99


White Cube HC, $22.95


Lady Rawhide #4 (of 5)(Joseph Michael Linser Regular Cover), $3.99
Lady Rawhide #4 (of 5)(Joseph Michael Linser Subscription Variant), $3.99
Lords of Mars Volume 1 TP, $19.99
Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #10 (Jonathan Lau Sub Variant), $3.99
Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #10 (Paola Rivera Cover), $3.99
Miss Fury #9 (Cover A Billy Tan), $3.99
Miss Fury #9 (Cover B Ardian Syaf), $3.99
Miss Fury #9 (Cover C Colton Worley), $3.99
Miss Fury #9 (Cover D Dennis Calero), $3.99
Miss Fury #9 (Carlos Rafael Risque Variant Cover), 1:15 ($10-$12)
Miss Fury #9 (Billy Tan Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25 ($8-$10)
Miss Fury #9 (Ardian Syaf Black & White Variant Cover), 1:50 ($15-$18)
Noir #5 (of 5)(Ardian Syaf Regular Cover), $3.99
Shadow Green Hornet Volume 1 Dark Nights TP, $19.99
Shadow Now #5 (of 6)(Tim Bradstreet Cover), $3.99
Shadow Now #5 (of 6)(Colton Worley Subscription Variant), $3.99
Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Bart Sears Regular Cover), $3.99
Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Jae Lee Subscription Variant), $3.99
Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Stephen Mooney Variant), 1:25 ($8-$10)
Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Roberto Castro Variant), 1:50 ($15-$18)
Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Ken Haeser Variant), 1:75 ($20-$25)
Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Ken Haeser Variant)(Greg Pak Signed Edt), 1:100 ($50-$55)

Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Steampunk Reorder Variant)

Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Steampunk Reorder Variant), $3.99

Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2 (Steampunk Reorder B&W Variant), 1:10. Retailers who ordered 10 of the Steampunk variants.

Twilight Zone #3 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $3.99
Twilight Zone #3 (Francesco Francavilla Virgin Variant) 1:50
Warlord of Mars #34 (Joe Jusko Regular Cover), $3.99
Warlord of Mars #34 (Lucio Parrillo Regular Cover), $3.99
Warlord of Mars #34 (Carlos Rafael Risque Variant), 1:25


DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #25 (Legends Of The Dark Knight #15), $20.
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #26 (Detective Comics #219), $20
Marvel Fact Files #10 (Doctor Doom Cover), $6
Marvel Fact Files #9 (Black Widow Cover), $6


Blighted Eye HC, $100
Henry Speaks for Himself TP, $24.99
Nijigahara Holograph HC, $29.99


Dumbest Idea Ever GN, $11.99


Heavy Metal #267, $7.95


Walt Kelly’s Pogo The Complete Dell Comics Volume 1 HC, $49.99


G.I. JOE The Cobra Files Volume 2 TP, $19.99
Gate-Way #3 (of 4)(Cover A Juanfrancisco Moyano), $3.99
Michael Recycle Meets Bootleg Peg HC, $17.99
Powerpuff Girls Classics Volume 3 TP, $19.99

Rogue Trooper #1 (Cover A Glenn Fabry), $3.99. Spinning out of the pages of 2000 AD.

Rogue Trooper #1 (Cover SUB James Stokoe), $3.99

Rogue Trooper #1 (Cover RI Colin Wilson)

Rogue Trooper #1 (Cover RI Colin Wilson), 1:10 ($5-$7)
Sinister Dexter #4 (of 7)(Cover A Antonio Fuso), $3.99
Sinister Dexter #4 (of 7)(Cover SUB David Millgate), $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains Micro-Series Volume 2 TP, $17.99
Wild Blue Yonder #4 (of 5)(Cover A Zach Howard), $3.99
Wild Blue Yonder #4 (of 5)(Cover RI Paulius Zakarauskas), 1:10 ($5-$7)


Apocalypse Al #2 (of 4)(Cover A Sid Kotian & Bill Farmer), $2.99
Apocalypse Al #2 (of 4)(Cover B Francesco Francavilla), $2.99
Bedlam Volume 2 TP, $14.99
Black Science #3 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.50
Burn The Orphanage Born to Lose #3 (of 3)(Cover A Sina Grace), $4.99
Burn The Orphanage Born to Lose #3 (of 3)(Cover B Tomm Coker), $4.99
Clone #15, $2.99

Darkness Vicious Traditions #1 (One Shot), $3.99. Written by Ales Kot (Zero)

Dead Body Road #2 (of 6)(2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99
Drumhellar #5, $3.50

Fatale Deluxe Edition Volume 1 HC, $39.99. Collects FATALE #1-10

Invincible Universe #11, $2.99
Jupiter’s Legacy #4 (Cover A Frank Quitely), $2.99
Jupiter’s Legacy #4 (Cover B Bryan Hitch), $2.99

Jupiter’s Legacy #4 (Cover C Ian McQue)

Jupiter’s Legacy #4 (Cover C Ian McQue), $2.99. Sold out.

Manifest Destiny #1 (4th Printing Variant Cover), $2.99

Progeny Value Pack, $10. Sold out. Collects the complete Progeny back-up story from Artifacts and Witchblade.

Revival #18, $2.99. Sold out.

Satellite Sam Volume 1 TP, $9.99. Collects #1-#5.

Saviors #3, $2.99. Sold out.

Secret #6, $3.50. Sold out.

Starlight #1 (Cover A John Cassaday), $2.99. New Millarworld title about an aging Flash Gordon-type story.

Starlight #1 (Cover B Goran Parlov), $2.99

Tales of Honor #1 (Cover A Jung-Geun Yoon), $2.99. Based on the N.Y. Times best-selling military Sci-Fi novels.

Tales of Honor #1 (Cover B Stjepan Sejic), $2.99
Tales of Honor #1 (Cover C Rahsan Ekedal), $2.99
Tales of Honor #1 (Cover D Patrick Tatapolous), $2.99
Velvet #4, $2.99

Walking Dead Volume 20 All Out War Part 1 TP, $14.99. Collects #115-#120


Star Wars Empire and Rebellion Honor Among Thieves HC, $25


Avengers A.I. #10 (David Marquez Cover), $2.99. Sold out.

Avengers A.I. #10 (Kevin Tong Variant)

Avengers A.I. #10 (Kevin Tong Variant), 1:50 ($14-$18)

Avengers Falcon TP, $24.99. Collecting FALCON #1-4, MARVEL PREMIERE #49, CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #117-119, and material from CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #220 and #276-278.

Captain America #18 (Nic Klein Regular Cover), $3.99

Captain America #18 (Captain America Variant Cover)

Captain America #18 (Glenn Fabry Variant Cover)

Captain America #18 (Captain America Variant Cover), 1:20 ($7-$9)
Captain America #18 (Glenn Fabry Variant Cover), 1:50 ($12-$15)
Captain America The Death of Captain America Prose Novel HC, $24.99

Iron Man #22, $3.99. “Iron Metropolitan” conclusion.

Loki Agent of Asgard #2 (Jenny Frison Regular Cover), $2.99

Loki Agent of Asgard #2 (Jaime McKelvie Variant Cover)

Loki Agent of Asgard #2 (Jaime McKelvie Variant Cover), 1:25 ($8-$10)
Magneto #1 (Paolo Rivera Regular Cover), $3.99

Magneto #1 (Mike Del Mundo Animal Variant Cover)

Magneto #1 (Skottie Young Variant Cover)

Magneto #1 (Mike Del Mundo Animal Variant Cover), ($4-$5)

Magneto #1 (Skottie Young Variant Cover), ($7-$9). Retailers had to exceed their orders for Uncanny X-Men #16 before they could order these variants as needed.

Magneto #1 (John Cassaday Variant Cover)

Magneto #1 (John Cassaday Variant Cover), 1:50 ($18-$20)
Moon Knight #1 (Gerald Parel Regular Cover), $3.99
Moon Knight #1 (Katie Cook Animal Variant Cover), ($4-$6)
Moon Knight #1 (Skottie Young Variant Cover), ($7-$9)

Moon Knight #1 (Adi Granov Variant Cover)

Moon Knight #1 (Bill Sienkienwicz Variant Cover)

Moon Knight #1 (Adi Granov Variant Cover), 1:50
Moon Knight #1 (Bill Sienkienwicz Variant Cover), 1:75
Muppets Omnibus HC (Phil Noto Direct Market Cover), $59.99

Muppets Omnibus HC (Roger Langridge Book Market Cover)

Muppets Omnibus HC (Roger Langridge Book Market Cover), $59.99. Collecting THE MUPPET SHOW (2009) #1-4, THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK: THE TREASURE OF PEG-LEG WILSON #1-4, THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK #0-11 and THE MUPPETS (2012) #1-4.

New Warriors #2 (Ramon Perez Regular Cover), $3.99

New Warriors #2 (Jorge Molina Variant Cover)

New Warriors #2 (Jorge Molina Variant Cover), 1:50 ($18-$20)
Night of The Living Deadpool #4 (of 4), $3.99
Nova #14 (Paco Medina Regular Cover), $3.99

Nova #14 (Jorge Molina Artist Variant Cover)

Nova #14 (Jorge Molina Artist Variant Cover), 1:50 ($18-$20)

Nova Volume 2 Rookie Season TP, $16.99. Collecting NOVA (2013) #6-9 and material from #10.

Oz The Emerald City of Oz HC, $24.99
Punisher #3 (Mitchell Thomas Gerads Regular Cover), $3.99

Punisher #3 (Alex Maleev Variant Cover)

Punisher #3 (Alex Maleev Variant Cover), 1:50

Remarkable Stan Lee Holiday Treat (Dynamic Forces), $499.99. Sold out. Limited to 52 copies, signed by Stan Lee and sketched by Ken Haeser.

She-Hulk #2 (Kevin Wada Regular Cover), $2.99

She-Hulk #2 (Amanda Conner Variant)

She-Hulk #2 (Amanda Conner Variant), 1:50 ($18-$20)

Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender Omnibus HC, $99.99. Collecting UNCANNY X-FORCE (2010) #1-35, #5.1 and #19.1; and material from WOLVERINE: ROAD TO HELL #1.

Uncanny X-Men #18, $3.99
Uncanny X-Men Volume 1 Revolution TP, $19.99
Collecting UNCANNY X-MEN (2013) #1-5.
Wolverine #1 (John Romita Sr. Signed Edition)(DF), $69.99
Wolverine and the X-Men #1 (Mahmud Asrar Regular Cover), $3.99

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 (Jenny Parks Animal Variant Cover), ($5-$6). Retailers had to exceed 175 percent of their orders of Wolvie and the X-Men #39 before they could order this variant as needed.

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 (Mark Brooks Variant)

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 (Mark Brooks Variant), 1:50 ($18-$20)

X-Men Days of Future Past HC, $39.99. Collecting X-MEN (1963) #141, UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #142, X-MEN ANNUAL (1970) #14, EXCALIBUR (1988) #52 and #66-67, and WOLVERINE: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST #1-3; and material from FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #23, NEW MUTANTS ANNUAL #6, X-FACTOR ANNUAL #5 and HULK: BROKEN WORLDS #2.


Captain America An Origin Story HC, $8.99


Auteur #1 (James Callahan Regular Cover), $3.99
Auteur #1 (Eric Powell Subscription Variant Cover), $3.99


Pokemon Adventures Black and White Volume 3 GN, $9.99
Pokemon Adventures Volume 21 GN, $9.99
Pokemon Black and White Volume 14 GN, $4.99


Doc Savage Double Novel Volume 73 SC, $14.95
Shadow Double Novel Volume 82 SC, $14.95


Jon Hul Gallery SC, $14.95


Death Sentence #3 (of 6)(Michael Dowling 2nd Printing Variant), $3.99
Simon and Kirby Library Horror HC, $49.95


Westward #6, $3.50


Archer and Armstrong #18 (Mission Improbable Part 1)(Lewis Larosa Regular Cover), $3.99. “Mission Improbable” part one

Archer and Armstrong #18 (Jorge Molina Pullbox Variant Cover), $3.99

Archer and Armstrong #18 (Michael Walsh Variant)

Archer and Armstrong #18 (Michael Walsh Variant), 1:25 ($8-$12)
Quantum and Woody The Goat #0 (Tom Fowler Regular Cover), $3.99
Quantum and Woody The Goat #0 (Matthew Waite Pullbox Variant), $3.99

Quantum and Woody The Goat #0 (Chip Zdarsky Variant)

Quantum and Woody The Goat #0 (Chip Zdarsky Variant), 1:25 ($10-$12)

Quantum and Woody Volume 2 In Security TP, $14.99. Collects #5-#8


From The New World Volume 3 GN, $10.95


07-Ghost Volume 9 GN, $9.99
Black Bird Volume 18 GN, $9.99
Blue Exorcist Volume 11 GN, $9.99
D.Gray Man 3-In-1 Edition Volume 3 TP, $14.99
Dragon Ball 3-In-1 Edition Volume 4 TP, $14.99
Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden Volume 12 GN, $9.99
Midnight Secretary Volume 4 GN, $9.99
Nisekoi False Love Volume 2 GN, $9.99
One Piece Volume 70 GN, $9.99
Oresama Teacher Volume 16 GN, $9.99
Phantom Thief Jeanne Volume 1 GN, $10.99
Psyren Volume 15 GN, $9.99
Rin-Ne Volume 14 GN, $9.99
Skip Beat 3-In-1 Edition Volume 7 TP, $14.99
Strobe Edge Volume 9 GN, $9.99
Tegami Bachi Volume 16 GN, $9.99


Soulless Manga Volume 2 GN (New Printing), $13
Thermae Romae Volume 3 HC, $40


Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Code Red #4 (of 5)(Cover A Harvey Tolibao), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Code Red #4 (of 5)(Cover B Ale Garza), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Code Red #4 (of 5)(Cover C Andrea Errico), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales #95 (Cover A Paulo Siqueira), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales #95 (Cover B Marat Mychaels), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales #95 (Cover C Steven Cummings), $2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz HC, $24.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Tales from Oz #3 (of 5)(The Scarecrow)(Cover A Renato Rei), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Tales from Oz #3 (of 5)(The Scarecrow)(Cover B Marat Mychaels), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Tales from Oz #3 (of 5)(The Scarecrow)(Cover C Pasquale Qualano), $3.99
Hit List #5 (of 5)(Cover A Vincenzo Cucca), $4.99
Hit List #5 (of 5)(Cover B Drew Edward Johnson), $4.99
Hit List #5 (of 5)(Cover C Harvey Tollibao), $4.99

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