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The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 03/28/2012

by Matt Baum (03/28/12).

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth The Pickens County Horror #1 (o 2)(Mike Mignola Variant)

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics and back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from the Overstreet Guide to Comics (OVST), (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of The codes under the prices of new titles discussed are Diamond Comics order codes that can be used to help your local comic retailer in ordering the issues discussed. If you want to hear what this nerd sounds like you can catch him on his podcast, the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, where he and his friend Joe discuss the latest comic news, review some new comics, and answer your questions.

New Comics Roundup

Below you will find all the info you could possibly need on the hot, new comics shipping this Wednesday, March 28. For a full list of comics shipping this week, click here. To find a comic shop near you, click here.

Variant Watch

Here’s a list of all the variants shipping from Diamond this week and some info on the hot ones. The variant Ratios (i.e.; 1:10) represent how many of the regular issues the retailer has to order to receive one of the variants. If a ratio is not included it’s because I couldn’t get the information or because the variant is a new printing. The prices I post here are suggested, reasonable prices based on the ratios and may be higher or lower at your comic shop. Click here for this week’s complete shipping list.


Crossed Badlands #2 (Jacen Burrows Red Crossed Variant Cover), 1:3
Crossed Badlands #2 (Jacen Burrows Retailer Variant Cover), 1:10


Cliver Barker’s Hellraiser #12 (Cover C Tim Bradstreet), 1:10


B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth The Pickens County Horror #1 (o 2)(Mike Mignola Variant), 1:5. This is another of the Mignola Year of Monsters variant this time featuring the Baba Yaga. Like the others, it’s creepy and amazing in true Mignola fashion and leaves me furious that I missed the first one and now I’ll probably never have the whole set. Crap… Watch for a $5-$7 price tag.


Action Comics #1 (Rags Morales 5th Printing Variant Cover), $3.99. Even though Action Comics #1 is hitting a fifth printing, first printings aren’t selling for much higher than $10. This could be due to so many other printings being readily available. Had DC changed up the art on the other printings, I think they’d all be selling for more.

Aquaman #7 (Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25. This is another sketch variant, but for the first time I’m having trouble finding a picture to criticize. Without seeing it, I’ll say watch for a $8-$10 price tag and expect it to perform like the other sketch variants—poorly.

Batman The Dark Knight #1 (David Finch & Richard Friend 3rd Printing Variant), $2.99. Dark Knight isn’t hitting a sixth or seventh printing like some of the other relaunch titles, but first printings are doing all right, selling for between $7 and $10. CGC 9.8 copies are selling for just above $80.

Batman The Dark Knight #6 (David Finch & Richard Friend 2nd Printing Variant), $2.99

Batman The Dark Knight #7 (David Finch & Richard Friend Black & White Variant), 1:25. Again, this is a sketch cover and again I can’t find a pic. What the crap, DC? You afraid we’re going to see it ahead of time and only want to pay $8 to $10 for it? Because that’s all that peeps are paying for the weird sketch covers variants you’ve been doing? Yeah, in your face DC! I’m just mad they didn’t give us a pic.

Flash #7 (Dale Keown Variant Cover)

Flash #7 (Francis Manapul Black & White Variant Cover)

Flash #7 (Dale Keown Variant Cover). Retailers could order this variant based on their lowest-ordered New DCU Relaunch title #7 for this week. I’m guessing its Blackhawks, which is canceled after this issue. This is a great Keown variant and, full disclosure, I’m a big fan. That said, don’t pay more than cover price for this one. Even with the dismal ordering numbers of comics like Blackhawks, these variants are not that hard to find and don’t cost retailers any more than the regular issue.

Flash #7 (Francis Manapul Black & White Variant Cover), 1:200. Look guys, you’ve heard me yelling about this every week. Just don’t spend more than $100 for this variant. They’re not selling for more than that anymore. That’s all I’m going to say. Now, do the right thing.

Green Lantern New Guardians #7 (Tyler Kirkham & Batt Black & White Variant), 1:25
New Deadwardians #1 (Of 8)(Cliff Chiang Variant Cover), 1:10
Superman #7 (Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25
Teen Titans #7 (Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25


Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #4 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover), 1:10
Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #4 (Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover), 1:10
Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #4 (Francesco Francavilla Virgin Variant Cover), 1:15

Voltron #4 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover)

Voltron #4 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover), 1:10. This is a breathtaking Ross variant and one that could be hard to find, as Voltron isn’t a huge seller. Which is too bad, because it’s been a great read so far. Watch for a $5-$7 price tag.

Voltron #4 (Sean Chen Fiery Red Variant Cover), 1:15
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #11 (Ale Garza Risque Variant Cover), 1:20
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #11 (Paul Renaud Red Variant Cover), 1:10
Warriors Of Mars #2 (Joe Jusko Negative Variant Cover), 1:15
Warriors Of Mars #2 (Joe Jusko Virgin Variant Cover), 1:25


Art Of George Perez HC (Signed & Numbered Limited Edition), $79.99. Limited to 200 copies.
Cobra #11 (David Williams Vertically Inter-Connected Variant Cover), 1:10

Dorothy Of Oz Prequel #1 (of 4)(CGI Character Art Variant Cover)

Dorothy Of Oz Prequel #1 (of 4)(CGI Character Art Variant Cover), 1:10. This is the actual CGI character from the upcoming Dorothy of Oz CGI animated film, which is listed as “currently in production” on IMDB. So, not sure when to expect this movie but, if it’s a hit, this variant could be pretty tough to find. Watch for a $6-$8 price tag.

G.I. JOE Retaliation Official Movie Prequel #3 (Salvador Navarro Black & White Variant Cover), 1:10
Hawken #3 (of 6)(Tim Truman Spaghetti Western Variant Cover), 1:10
Infestation 2 G.I. JOE #2 (of 2)(Livio Ramondelli Inter-Connected Tentacle Attack Variant Cover), 1:10
Magic The Gathering #3 (of 4)(Tyler Walpole Variant Cover), 1:10

Star Trek #7 (Photo Variant Cover), 1:20. Star Trek 1:20 photo variants of all the issues of this series continue to sell very well. As orders have been to decline on the recent issues, prices on the photo variants seem to be climbing. Watch for a $10-$12 price tag here.

Star Trek #7 (Tim Bradstreet Sketch Variant Cover), 1:10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8 (Simon Gane Variant Cover), 1:10
Transformers Robots In Disguise #3 (Andrew Griffith Black & White Variant Cover), 1:10


Fatale #1 (Sean Phillips 4th Printing Variant Cover), $3.50. Fatale has been a huge success for Image and first printings of #1 are selling for upwards of $35. Watch for that price to continue to climb even with a fourth or fifth printing available.

Invincible #89 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99. First printings of Invincible #89 are starting to see higher prices, currently it’s selling for just under $6, and I don’t see this second printing slowing that down.


Astonishing X-Men #48 (David Aja Amazing Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Variant Cover)

Astonishing X-Men #48 (David Aja Amazing Spider-Man 50th Anniversary Variant Cover). Retailers had to exceed their orders of this Astonishing X-Men #44 with this issue and they could order all they needed of the variant. And it’s a great variant, even though Marvel made me scour the internet to find a pic. A lot of these Marvel 50th Anniversary variants had a 1:50 ratio but not this one. However, there are retailers out there trying to sell it for $50 right now. Watch for an $8-$10 price tag.

Avengers vs. X-Men #0 (of 12)(Jimmy Cheung Wraparound Variant Cover)

Avengers vs. X-Men #0 (of 12)(Jimmy Cheung Wraparound Variant Cover), 1:25. This is a fantastic Jimmy Cheung wraparound cover, but not it’s the same image Marvel has been using in ads for A vs. X for a while now. I’m still picking one up because I love Cheung’s work so much, but some fans might not be as excited. Watch for a $12-$15 price tag and theer should be no shortage of these.

Avengers vs. X-Men #0 (of 12)(Stephanie Hans Phoenix Variant Cover), 1:50

Speculator Picks of the Week

These are comics that could sell out very quickly due to conservative ordering, popular demand, shipping errors or even UPS drivers in hooded sweatshirts taking the day off to stand in front of Geraldo Rivera’s house hoping to get a chance to punch him in his stupid face. Pick them up while you can or pay too much for them later . . .

Bloodstrike #26

Bloodstrike #26

Written by TIM SEELEY

Solicitation: Extreme’s zombie-black-op-superheroes return! Cabbot Stone is the last unliving Bloodstrike agent, an unstoppable weapon in America’s war on terror! But being dead is a hell of way to make a living, and Cabbot is losing his faith. Will his latest mission be his last? Bloody horror-action with heart by Hack/Slash writer Tim Seeley and Artist Franchesco Gaston!

32 pages
Sold Out!

Why it’ll go fast: Again, another Image Extreme relaunch title that sold out before shipping. But just barely. As of yesterday, there were still Rob Liefeld covers available, but today they’re gone. I don’t see this one being as hot as Glory or Prophet and it’s mainly due to the creative team. Seeley has his following for his Hack Slash title and I’m sure they’ll dig this title also, he just doesn’t seem to have a lot of appeal to the masses. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Bloodstrike is his big breakthrough title. I guess we’ll find out together and if you want to hear what I thought about Bloodstrike tune into this week’s show.

Aquaman #7

Aquaman #7

Written by GEOFF JOHNS

Solicitation: Who destroyed Atlantis? In the start of a new storyline, we follow the hunter as he stalks and kills his prey, claiming their weapons and armor as trophies. A golden shield, a golden helm . . . and the final prize is the most powerful of all: a golden trident. The only problem is, he’s going to have to go through Aquaman to get it. Who is he? What is the secret of Aquaman’s trident? And how does this all tie into the destruction of Atlantis?

32 pages

Why it’ll go fast: There’s pretty solid buzz around Johns’ Aquaman title and it’s centering around this Atlantis story-line and the introduction of a new group of characters, The Others, who you just know are going to tie-in to Johns next giant crossover epic. The Others storyline doesn’’t officially kick in until issue #8, but I’d expect at least one or two of them to make an appearance on the last page of this issue.


Matt Baum is WorthPoint’s comic book Worthologist. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact Matt or post your question below in the Comic Book Forum in the WorthPoint Forums, located in the Community tab. You can also reply to this article in the “leave a reply box below. If you need more comic-nerd in your life, you can follow Matt on Twitter, where he’s always screaming about something nerd-related. Thanks to all Matt’s new followers and keep the comments coming!

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