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The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 04/04/2012

by Matt Baum (04/04/12).

Fanboys Vs. Zombies #1 (Cover H Arthur Suydam CGC 9.8 Variant)

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics and back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from the Overstreet Guide to Comics (OVST), (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of The codes under the prices of new titles discussed are Diamond Comics order codes that can be used to help your local comic retailer in ordering the issues discussed. If you want to hear what this nerd sounds like you can catch him on his podcast, the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, where he and his friend Joe discuss the latest comic news, review some new comics, and answer your questions.

New Comics Roundup

Below you will find all the info you could possibly need on the hot, new comics shipping this Wednesday, April 4. For a full list of comics shipping this week, click here. To find a comic shop near you, click here.

Variant Watch

Here’s a list of all the variants shipping from Diamond this week and some info on the hot ones. The variant Ratios (i.e.; 1:10) represent how many of the regular issues the retailer has to order to receive one of the variants. If a ratio is not included it’s because I couldn’t get the information or because the variant is a new printing. The prices I post here are suggested, reasonable prices based on the ratios and may be higher or lower at your comic shop. Click here for this week’s complete shipping list.


Dicks #3 (John McCrea Classic Black & White Cover), 1:3
Ferals #4 (Gabriel Andrade Slashed Cover), 1:3


Adventure Time #2 (Chris Houghton 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99. First-printings of Adventure Time are continuing to hit insane prices with both covers of last month’s issue #2 now selling for $10 and going up. Sets of all four covers with are selling for almost $50. Told ya!

Fanboys Vs. Zombies #1 (Cover E Ulises Farinas Wrapround Variant), 1:15
Fanboys Vs. Zombies #1 (Cover F Humberto Ramos Sketch Variant), 1:50
Fanboys Vs. Zombies #1 (Cover G Ale Garza Sketch Variant), 1:25

Fanboys Vs. Zombies #1 (Cover H Arthur Suydam CGC 9.8 Variant), 1:100. Just like the Valen the Outcast 1:100 CGC 9.8 variants these could be huge. The CGC Census lists 210 copies in 9.8 condition and one in 9.8 from the signature series. Not very many shops will be ordering the 100 copies necessary to get this variant, so expect to pay for it. Watch for a $100-$120 price tag.

Supurbia #1 (of 4)(Jonboy Meyers 2nd Printing Variant Cover). First-printings of Supurbia #1 are selling for $7-$10 and seem to be creeping up from there, which is well deserved, because Supurbia is a great read.

Valen The Outcast #5 (Cover C Matteo Scalera), 1:15
Valen The Outcast #5 (Cover D Khary Randolph Sketch Variant), 1:20
Valen The Outcast #5 (Cover E Ale Garza Sketch Variant), 1:25


Lady Death #16 (Michael Dipascale Art Deco Cover), 1:3
Lady Death Origins Cursed #1 (of 3)(Michael Dipascale Art Deco Cover) 1:3


Action Comics #8 (Gary Frank Variant Cover)

Action Comics #8 (Rags Morales Black & White Variant Cover)

Action Comics #8 (Gary Frank Variant Cover). Retailers could order this variant based on their lowest-ordered New DCU Relaunch title for this week (I’ll eat my hat if it’s not Hawk and Dove). Don’t pay more than cover price here. I love Gary Frank as much as anyone else but these variants are not hard to find. Even if your retailer only ordered one copy of Hawk and Dove #8 for the lone pull-file customer that can’t get enough of that Rob-Liefeld-stuff it doesn’t mean this variant is one per store.

Action Comics #8 (Rags Morales Black & White Variant Cover), 1:200. At some point in the near future, DC has to stop offering these 1:200 variants. Especially when the price on the back issue market seems to be bottoming out. The highest prices I saw on eBay for the Action #7 1:200 were just above $110 and just below $80. I don’t think they’ve hit bottom yet, but it’s certainly a race to the bottom at this point. Some retailers are trying to make $140 sound like a deal, and I get it their taking a risk by ordering 200 copies, but if they’re smart, they have a buyer for the variant before ordering. Or, they don’t order it. If you need this one watch for a price tag under $100.

Batman #5 (Greg Capullo 3rd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99. First-printings of aren’t doing much yet but there doesn’t seem to be many left out there. This whole Court of Owls story-line could be worth watching in the long term.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 (Dustin Nguyen 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99

Detective Comics #8 (Tony S. Daniel Black & White Variant Cover)

Detective Comics #8 (Tony S. Daniel Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25. If you check Diamond, you’ll get a black and white image of this cover but not the right image. This is another in the series where the original art is cropped and printed in black and white. Prices on all of these have hit bottom. Watch for an $8-$10 cover price.

Justice League #5 (Jim Lee & Scott Williams 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Stormwatch #8 (Miguel Sepulveda Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25
Swamp Thing #8 (Yanick Paquette Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25


Dejah Thoris And The White Apes Of Mars #1 (Ale Garza Risque Variant), 1:25
Dejah Thoris And The White Apes Of Mars #1 (Ale Garza Variant Cover), 1:10
Dejah Thoris And The White Apes Of Mars #1 (Brandon Peterson Risque Variant), 1:15
Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood #11 (Ale Garza Variant Cover), 1:15
Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood #11 (Tim Bradstreet Black & White Variant Cover), 1:10
Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood #11 (Tim Bradstreet Virgin Variant Cover), 1:20
Kirby Genesis #6 (Alex Ross Marvel-ous Acetate Variant Cover), 1:15
Kirby Genesis #6 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover), 1:20
Kirby Genesis #6 (Ryan Sook Black & White Variant Cover), 1:15
Kirby Genesis #6 (Ryan Sook Variant Cover), 1:10
Voltron Year One #1 (Admira Wijaya Virgin Variant Cover), 1:20
Voltron Year One #1 (Jonathan Lau Black & White Variant Cover), 1:10
Voltron Year One #1 (Jonathan Lau Variant Cover), 1:10
Witchblade Red Sonja #2 (Ale Garza Black & White Variant Cover), 1:10


30 Days Of Night #6 (Ming Doyle Variant Cover), 1:10
G.I. JOE #12 (Will Rosado Black & White Variant Cover), 1:10
Infestation 2 30 Days Of Night (One Shot)(Livio Ramondelli Inter-Connected Tentacle Attack Variant Cover), 1:10


Fatale #3 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.50

Hell Yeah #1 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99. Price for Hell Yeah #1 first-printings are crawling up, but the limited-edition ashcan from the Image Expo is the big winner, selling for around $40. Watch for the first printing to go up from here as the series gains more steam.

Manhattan Projects #1 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.50. First-printings here are selling for $7-$10 and going up, mainly due to huge and well-deserved buzz around this title. And it’s worth it. If you missed #1, shell out the cash. You won’t regret it.


Age Of Apocalypse #2 (Christian Nauck Avengers Art Appreciation Variant Cover)

Age Of Apocalypse #2 (Christian Nauck Avengers Art Appreciation Variant Cover), 1:25. I don’t get it. Hieroglyphics? Really? They should call these Art History variants, but even then, this would be kind of dumb. Watch for a $10-$12 price tag.

Amazing Spider-Man #683 (Gabriele Dell’Otto Variant Cover)

Amazing Spider-Man #683 (Mike Del Mundo Avengers Art Appreciation Variant)

Amazing Spider-Man #683 (Gabriele Dell’Otto Variant Cover), 1:15. This should be a relatively inexpensive (notice I didn’t say cheap) variant and part of a very cool set by Dell Otto when the Ends of the Earth story-line ends. Watch for a $6-$8 price tag.

Amazing Spider-Man #683 (Mike Del Mundo Avengers Art Appreciation Variant), 1:25. Here’s your Art Deco Avengers art lesson. And it’s well-executed and all… Look, I just think these are dumb. The Iron Man through the ages thing was kind of cool. The Wolverine Fine Art variants were fine, but these aren’t doing anything for me. Watch for $10-$12 price tag.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 (of 12)(Avengers Team Comic Shop Variant Cover)

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 (of 12)(X-Men Team Comic Shop Variant Cover). These were variants that feature the name of a comic shop on the cover. I think there was a 1,000-copy minimum, so no one should be selling these for more than cover price.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 (of 12)(Blank Variant Cover). Again, retailers had to exceed their orders on Fear Itself #7 with A vs. X #1 and they could order as many Blank Variants as needed.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 (of 12)(John Romita Jr. Variant Cover)

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 (of 12)(John Romita Jr. Variant Cover), 1:25. This isn’t one of Romita’s best but, like the internal art, it’s better than what he had going on in the pages of Avengers. Not high praise I know. Watch for a $10-$15 price tag and there should be plenty of these out there.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 (of 12)(Ryan Stegman Sketch Variant Cover)

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 (of 12)(Ryan Stegman Variant Cover)

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 (of 12)(Ryan Stegman Sketch Variant Cover), 1:100

Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 (of 12)(Ryan Stegman Variant Cover), 1:200. This is a really high-profile variant for Stegman and he deserves it. His work on Scarlet Spider has been fantastic. I can’t wait to see more from this guy. Be prepared to pay for both of these. Marvel gave retailers huge discounts in an attempt to reclaim their market share from DC this month, resulting in a lot of retailers selling the regular cover for a discount and making money on the variants. Watch for a $75 price tag on the 1:100 and a $120-$140 price tag on the 1:200.

Brilliant #3 (David Mack Variant Cover), 1:15
Brilliant #3 (Michael Avon Oeming Variant Cover), 1:25
Hulk #50 (Arthur Adams Variant Cover), 1:50

Hulk #50 (Blank Variant Cover). Retailers had to exceed their order on Hulk #47 by 125 percent and they could order all they needed of the Blank Variant.

Hulk #50 (DCD Summit 2012 Inked Variant Cover)

Hulk #50 (DCD Summit 2012 Inked Variant Cover). Ordering was open to all retailers on this cover but Retailer Summit attendees were given preferential treatment in the case of allocations. Which looks like it happened because the cover is listed as sold out. This could be one to watch but I wouldn’t pay more than $15 until we see where they’re going.

Hulk #50 (Humberto Ramos Variant Cover), 1:75
Hulk #50 (Walter Simonson Variant Cover), 1:25


Honey West #5 (Black & White Photo Cover)(resolicited), 1:4
Honey West #5 (Photo Cover)(resolicited), 1:10
Kolchak The Night Stalker Files #3 (Dave Ulanski Variant Cover)(resolicited), 1:3

Speculator Picks of the Week

These are comics that could sell out very quickly due to conservative ordering, popular demand, shipping errors or even UPS trucks overloaded with returned Newt Gingrich campaign paraphernalia. Pick them up while you can or pay too much for them later…

Danger Club #1

Danger Club #1


Solicitation: Faced with the deadliest peril the universe had ever known, the world’s greatest heroes left the Earth to battle a nightmarish evil… and they never came back. Now, only their teenage sidekicks remain. Will the Danger Club unite against this unknown cosmic menace, or will their struggle for dominance destroy them? The critically acclaimed creative team of Landry Q. Walker and Eric Jones (Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures In the 8th Grade, Batman: Brave and the Bold) reunite to tell the apocalyptic tale of these titanic teens.

32 pages
Sold Out!

Why it’ll go fast: Also from Image, Danger Club seems to be the subject of the latest speculator attack on comic collecting. As of yesterday, a copy sold for $13.99 on eBay and four other sellers immediately posted copies for sale for prices anywhere from $14-$18. I don’t see this title going that high right away, but it will be hard to find after this weekend. Read it. If you dig it, hold on to your copy. But if it’s not for you, sell it for $10-$12 this weekend.

Supreme #63

Supreme #63

Written by ALAN MOORE

Solicitation: “Relevations” The legendary Supreme returns! Alan Moore’s final Supreme tale is the ultimate jumping on point for new readers! The triumphant return of Image Comics’ most powerful hero! As Supreme romances Diana Dane he takes her on a tour of the Citadel Supreme and tells all of his innermost secrets just as Supreme’s most hated nemesis, Darius Dax, makes a most unfortunate discovery: the key to defeat his abhorred adversary! It’s most mind-blowing cliffhanger in the history of comics! Featuring a story by award winning author Alan Moore (Watchmen) and art by fan favorites Erik Larsen (Spider-Man, Savage Dragon) & Cory Hamscher (X-Men). You wish all comics were this good!

32 pages
Sold Out!

Why it’ll go fast:The Extreme Relaunch continues to be a huge success for Image, but even if this had nothing to do with it, Alan Moore’s name on a superhero title that doesn’t feature explicit sex scenes with demons (see his Necronomicon series from Avatar) would be enough to push this one to sell-out status. Before it shipped, even. Which is exactly what happened. Supreme #63 is already seeing prices above cover on eBay and, by the weekend, will probably be selling for twice that. Like him or hate him, everyone has to read whatever Moore is doing next. But what is up with that cover by Erik Larsen? I like Larsen, but this is just bad.


Matt Baum is WorthPoint’s comic book Worthologist. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact Matt or post your question below in the Comic Book Forum in the WorthPoint Forums, located in the Community tab. You can also reply to this article in the “leave a reply box below. If you need more comic-nerd in your life, you can follow Matt on Twitter, where he’s always screaming about something nerd-related. Thanks to all Matt’s new followers and keep the comments coming!

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3 Responses to “The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 04/04/2012”

  1. j says:

    I think the Spiderman variant is more inspired by Saul Bass.

  2. nilly says:

    I agree with u Matt. That Eric Larson cover for Supreme 63 is just lazy. As a matter of fact all the Supreme covers were below average. I was never into Supreme, may have Supreme 1 (with my 90′s Image stash somewhere). But gosh, after all these years, I would have thought the covers would be a little more inspired. I really love what they’ve done with Prophet…even though its a little high concept and kinda weird, I find myself just aching to read the next issue to see what happens next. Its so good. I also liked, Glory but dont see myself continuing with it. And getting back to Supreme 63…I couldnt read it…I didnt know what was going on, the art was just bad (sorry Eric Larsen). I guess they’ll just finish up the moore story and that’s that. Too bad, this character had so much potential. Blood strike didnt pick up. I dont see any of these title fetching much in the after market, exept maybe Prophet. Its just so different and maybe a film may come out of it. What do you think Matt? Sorry for the lengthy comment!

  3. Matt Baum says:

    After reading Supreme I had very similar feelings. You can hear my complete review on this weeks Two Headed Nerd Comicast ( As far as Prophet and Glory go, I think they stay hot. The creative teams on both titles have more work lined up and seem to be getting more buzz with every new announcement. As they gain more notoriety Prophet and Glory issues will be long gone and could be in very high demand.

    Never apologize for lengthy comments! It just means you’re paying attention.

    Thanks Nilly


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