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The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 07/11/2012

by Matt Baum (07/10/12).

Walking Dead #100 (Cover G Ryan Ottley).

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by Worthpoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics, back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of Lists of new comics are courtesy of and Make sure and click on the links to learn more about the titles and creators discussed here. If you want to hear what this nerd sounds like you can catch me on my podcast, the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, where my friend Joe and I discuss the latest comic news, review some new comics, and answer your questions.

New Comics Roundup

Lots of returns this week, including Battle Beasts (dose anyone else remember these?), the clone of Jesus Christ (nope, not making that up), the Crow, the old Marvel Comics Transformers series and a whole town’s worth of dead people. Speaking of dead folks, Walking Dead turns #100 this week and if your store is awesome, like mine, you can get your copy tonight at midnight.

Below you will find all the info you could possibly need on all the hot, new comics shipping this Wednesday, July 11, including variant ratios, storyline and creator notes and a little speculation on what could be hard to find in the future. The ratios listed after titles (i.e.; 1:10) represent how many issues of a regular cover retailers had to order to get the variant. Issues that are part of a crossover or storyline have an abbreviated title in parenthesis after the title comic (i.e.; AvX). Be sure to let me know what you think of the new format and remember to click on the links for previews. For a full list of comics shipping this week, click here. To find a comic shop near you, click here.

(Abbreviations: FOC – Final Order Cut Off date; GN – Graphic Novel; HC – Hardcover; SC – Soft Cover; TP – Trade Paperback; Vol – Volume).


007 Magazine Archive Bond Posters And Artwork #1, $18


Zombies Volume 2 2ombies GN, $16


Jack Hammer Volume 1 Political Science GN, $14.95


Free Mars Riot Girls GN, $14.99

Hero Within: I Am Heroic #1 (of 3), $3.99. New all-ages series about two kids who get powers from an app on found cellphone. Sounds like a new take on Dial H for Hero.


Greyman GN, $14.95


United Free Worlds HC, $7.95


Betty And Veronica Double Digest #203, $3.99
Life With Archie #21 (Dan DeCarlo Cover), $3.99
Life With Archie #21 (Pat Kennedy Cover), $3.99
Mega Man #15, $2.99


Broken Pieces #3 (Cover A Cory Smith)(resolicited), $3.50
Broken Pieces #3 (Cover B Marcus To)(resolicited), $3.50
Charismagic #6 (Cover A Khary Randolph), $3.50
Charismagic #6 (Cover B Siya Oum), $3.50

Charismagic #6 (Cover C Billy Tan), Retailers could order three Tan variants for every 12 copies of the regular covers ordered in any combination.

Soulfire Faith #1 (Cover A Michael Ryan), $3.99
Soulfire Faith #1 (Cover B Siya Oum), $3.99. Third book in the Soulfire crossover event.


Hi Fructose Magazine Quarterly #24, $6.95


Silence GN, $19.95


Crossed Badlands #9 (Jacen Burrows Regular Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #9 (Matt Martin Torture Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #9 (Raulo Caceres Wraparound Cover), $3.99. Sold out.
Crossed Badlands #9 (Jacen Burrows Red Crossed Incentive),
Stitched #6 (Mike Wolfer Regular Cover), $3.99
Stitched #6 (Mike Wolfer Gore Cover), $3.99
Stitched #6 (Mike Wolfer Wraparound Cover), $3.99
Stitched #6 (Movie Photo Incentive Cover), AR


Walter Koenig’s Things To Come #2 (resolicited), $3.99


7 Warriors TP, $9.99
Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens #1 (Cover A Jen Bennett), $3.99

Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens #1 (Cover B Chynna Clugston)

Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens #1 (Cover B Chynna Clugston), $3.99. 1:10, ships with regular cover. New mini-series that follows Marceline and her girl-rock band through the world of Adventure Time. Unlike the early issues of the regular Adventure Time series, this one hasn’t sold out before shipping yet. My guess is copies sell comparably fast as the regular series and early next week, after the re-orders come in, Marceline #1 sells out and gets very hard to find. I love this Clugston variant, by the way.

Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens #1 (Cover D Lucy Knisley), 1:15
Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens #1 (Cover C Ming Doyle), 1:20
Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens #1 (Cover E Colleen Coover), 1:30
Space Warped TP, $14.99
Valen The Outcast Volume 1 Abomination TP, $14.99. Collects issues #1-4.


Comic Shop News #1308. Should be free, especially if you maintain a pull file.


Blacksad A Silent Hell HC, $19.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #11 (George Jeanty Variant Cover), $2.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #11 (Phil Noto Regular Cover), $2.99
Conan The Barbarian #6, $3.50
Creepy Comics #9, $4.99
Creepy Presents Richard Corben HC, $29.99

Eerie Comics #1, $2.99. New series. This issue features stories by David Lapham and Christopher Taylor with a back-up reprint from the original Creepy magazine.

Hellboy Library Edition Volume 5 Darkness Calls and The Wild Hunt HC, $49.99. Collects Darkness Calls and The Wild Hunt; the short story The Mole; and an extensive selection of previously unreleased sketches and designs.

Hunchback Of Notre Dame HC, $12.99

Massive #2 (J.P. Leon Regular Cover), $3.50. If you can find #1 of this new Brian Wood series (shockingly still in print), pick it up. Great premise, amazing art and Wood is doing some serious world building here that looks like he’s in it for the long haul. This is must read stuff for any near dystopic future Sci-Fi fan.

Massive #2 (Rafael Grampa Variant Cover), 1:10
Occultist Volume 1 TP, $16.99
Orchid Volume 1 TP, $17.99
Star Wars Knight Errant Escape #2 (of 5), $3.50
Strain #6 (of 12), $3.50


American Vampire Lord Of Nightmares #2 (of 5), $2.99
Batgirl #11, $2.99
Batgirl Volume 1 The Darkest Reflection HC, $22.99. Collects #1-6
Batman #11 (Greg Capullo Regular Cover), $3.99. Night of the Owls conclusion.
Batman #11 (Combo Pack Edition), $4.99. With free digital download code.

Batman #11 (Andy Clarke Variant Cover)

Batman #11 (Andy Clarke Variant Cover), Retailers could order this variant equal to the lowest-ordered New DCU title with the same FOC. Again, don’t pay more than cover for this one. Just because your shop only ordered one copy of Resurrection Man #11, which is a shame, because it’s a great read, doesn’t make this variant one-per-store.

Batman #11 (Greg Capullo Black & White Variant Cover), 1:100.
Batman And Robin #11, $2.99
Batman Arkham Unhinged #4, $2.99
Before Watchmen Minutemen #2 (Darwyn Cooke Regular Cover), $3.99
Before Watchmen Minutemen #2 (Combo Pack Edition), $4.99. With free digital download code.

Before Watchmen Minutemen #2 (Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Variant Cover)

Before Watchmen Minutemen #2 (Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Variant Cover), 1:25. I love this Lopez variant and was pleased to find out it was only a 1:25; no 1:200’s after the first issues, I guess. Watch for a $10-$12 price tag and there should be plenty of these out there.

Deathstroke #11, $2.99
Demon Knights #11, $2.99

Demon Knights Volume 1 Seven Against The Dark TP, $14.99. Collects #1-6 and worth picking up if you skipped this one. Cornell is doing a fantastic job, and since the series is set in the past, it seems DC editorial is letting him run rampant.

Frankenstein Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. #11, $2.99
Green Lantern The Animated Series #4, $2.99
Grifter #11, $2.99
JLA Volume 2 TP, $24.99
Legion Lost #11, $2.99
Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days HC (Deluxe Edition), $24.99

Punk Rock Jesus #1 (of 6), $2.99. My Pick of the Week. New series written and drawn by Sean Murphy, who is easily one of the best comic artists working today (see his Joe the Barbarian series for proof). This is Murphy’s first writing gig, so we’ll see this Wednesday if he’s a writer, too. The series is about the clone of Jesus Christ, J2 (not Little Juggernaut from Marvel’s J2 series), traveling the country followed by a reality TV crew. If you pick up one comic this week, make it this one. It might not be worth much anytime soon, but it’s gonna be wild ride.

Ravagers #3, $2.99
Resurrection Man #11, $2.99
Saucer Country #5, $2.99
Shade #10 (of 12)(Tony Harris Regular Cover), $2.99
Shade #10 (of 12)(Frazer Irving Variant Cover), 1:10
Suicide Squad #11, $2.99
Superboy #11, $2.99
Swamp Thing #11, $2.99
Uncharted TP, $14.99. Collects the four issue mini-series.


Flutter GN, $12.95
Secretary’s Job GN, $12.95


Disney Trivia From The Vault Secrets Revealed And Questions Answered SC, $9.99


Batman The World Of The Dark Knight HC, $24.99


Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood #14 (Tim Bradstreet Regular Cover), $3.99
Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood #14 (Tim Bradstreet Risque Variant Cover), 1:25
George R.R. Martin’s A Game Of Thrones #9 (Mike S. Miller Regular Cover), $3.99
Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man #10 (Alex Ross Regular Cover), $3.99
Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man #10 (Jonathan Lau Variant Cover), 1:10. Ships with regular covers.
Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man #10 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant), 1:10
Kirby Genesis #8 (Alex Ross Regular Cover), $3.99
Kirby Genesis #8 (Ryan Sook Variant Cover), 1:10. Ships with regular covers.
Kirby Genesis #8 (Ryan Sook Black & White Variant Cover), 1:15
Kirby Genesis #8 (Alex Ross Marvel-ous Acetate Variant Cover), 1:20
Kirby Genesis #8 (Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover), 1:25

Lone Ranger Snake Of Iron #1 (Dennis Calero Regular Cover), $3.99. New mini-series series from legendary Batman writer Chuck Dixon and artist Esteve Polls, who just keeps improving with each issue.

Lone Ranger Snake Of Iron #1 (Dennis Calero B&W Variant), 1:10
Pantha #2 (Mark Texeira Regular Cover), $3.99
Pantha #2 (Mark Texeira Virgin Variant Cover), 1:15
Patricia Briggs’ Alpha And Omega Cry Wolf Volume 1 #8, $3.99
Queen Sonja #30 (Lucio Parrillo Regular Cover), $3.99
Red Sonja Omnibus Volume 3 TP, $29.99 Collects issues #35-50.
Vampirella Archives Volume 5 HC, $49.99. Collects #29-35 of the 1970s Vampirella magazine.


Adult Movie Superstars Golden Age Photos Volume 1 SC, $24.95. Have to admit, I’m curious.


Nick Cardy Wit-Lash Sketchbook HC (Signed Edition With DVD), $39.99
Nick Cardy Wit-Lash Sketchbook HC (Sketch Edition With DVD), $159.99. Sold out. Comes with Nick Cardy sketch.


Summit Of The Gods Volume 3 GN (of 5)(resolicited), $25.00


Dungeon Quest Volume 3 GN, $19.99
God And Science Return Of The Ti-Girls HC, $19.99
Jewish Images In The Comics HC, $26.99
Tales Designed To Thrizzle #8, $4.50
Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge Volume 1 Only A Poor Old Man HC, $28.99


Tannhauser Rising Sun Falling Shadows MMPB (resolicited), $8.99


SFX #223, $10.99
SFX Special #56 (The Top 100 Science Fiction Fantasy And Horror Movies), $17.99


Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 42 HC (Avengers Cover), $35.00
Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 42 HC (Catwoman Cover), $35.00


Steampunk Modeller Volume 2 SC, $28.95


Thackery T Lambshead Cabinet Of Curiosities SC, $14.99


Phantom The Complete Sundays Volume 1 1939-1943 HC, $60.00
Sparrow And Crowe The Demoniac Of Los Angeles #1, $3.99


Horror Hound #36 (July/August 2012), $6.99


Supernaturalist HC, $19.99
Supernaturalist SC, $9.99


After The Fire 100-Page Spectacular, $7.99

Battle Beasts #1 (of 4)(Cover A Dan Brereton)

Battle Beasts #1 (of 4)(Cover A Dan Brereton), $3.99. Most of you are probably too young or too old to remember Battle Beasts. They were 2 inch anthropomorphic animals with powers based on the four elements and they were popular for about two months in the mid 1980’s I loved them and I really want to love this new mini-series. That said, I wouldn’t trade Bobby Curnow for his job as writer here. Good luck fleshing this one out buddy.

Battle Beasts #1 (of 4)(Cover RI Ulises Farinas), 1:10
Big John Buscema Comics And Drawings HC, $59.99
Crow #1 (Cover A Ashley Wood), $3.99. The Crow is back, again. This time in Japan.
Crow #1 (Cover B Kyle Hotz), $3.99, 1:4. Ships with regular covers.
Crow #1 (Cover RI-B Kent Williams), 1:10
Crow #1 (Cover RI-A James O’Barr), 1:25
Doctor Who 100-Page Spectacular, $7.99
G.I. JOE #15 (Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards), $3.99
G.I. JOE #15 (Cover B Will Rosado), $3.99
G.I. JOE #15 (Cover RI Tommy Lee Edwards), 1:10
Ghostbusters Volume 2 The Most Magical Place On Earth TP, $17.99
Godzilla #1 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Locke And Key Volume 5 Clockworks HC, $24.99

Richard Stark’s Parker Volume 3 The Score HC, $24.99. If you’re a fan of crime/noir fiction this is must read stuff from Eisner winner Darwyn Cooke.

Smoke And Mirrors #4 (of 5)(Cover A Ryan Browne), $3.99
Smoke And Mirrors #4 (of 5)(Cover RI Ryan Browne), AR
Star Trek Volume 2 TP, $17.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics #3, $3.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 1 Change Is Constant HC (Deluxe Edition), $49.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 2 Enemies Old Enemies New TP, $17.99

Transformers Regeneration One #81 (Cover A Andrew Wildman)

Transformers Regeneration One #81 (Cover A Andrew Wildman), $3.99

Transformers Regeneration One #81 (Cover B Guido Guidi), $3.99. This new Transformers series picks up where the Marvel Transformers continuity left off back in 1991 and is written and drawn by the original creative team. So, same Transformers you might remember as a kid, different continuity from the two other currently running IDW series. Only in comics, folks.

Transformers Regeneration One #81 (Cover RI-A Geoff Senior), 1:10
Transformers Regeneration One #81 (Cover RI-B Daniel Khanna), 1:50
Transformers Regeneration One 100-Page Spectacular (Cover RI Guido Guidi), AR
Transformers Regeneration One 100-Page Spectacular (Cover A Andrew Wildman), $7.99


Bulletproof Coffin Disinterred #6 (of 6), $3.99
Chew Secret Agent Poyo #1 (One Shot)(Rob Guillory Cover), $3.50
Dancer #3, $3.50
Darkness Origins Volume 4 TP, $19.99
Enormous #1 (One Shot), $9.99. Giant monsters anyone?
Heart TP, $12.99

Hoax Hunters #1

Hoax Hunters #1, $2.99. After the #0 sold out and was very well-received and reviewed, I thought #1 would surely follow, but nope. Here we are, the day before it hits the stands and it’s still in stock. Pick this one up. Hoax Hunters has a great hook and really talented creative team.

Li’l Depressed Boy #12, $2.99. Sold out.
Peter Panzerfaust #5, $3.50

Planetoid #1 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99. You can still get first-prints for cover price but there doesn’t seem to be many left. Issue #1 got a lot of great press (I gave it a glowing review) and I’m betting this series continues to heat up. Go find a copy if you skipped this one.

Planetoid #2, $2.99

Revival #1 (Cover A Jenny Frison)

Revival #1 (Cover A Jenny Frison), $2.99. Sold out. New series from Hack/Slash writer Tim Seeley and Battlepug artist Mike Norton about the dead coming back to life as fully functioning human beings for one day in a small town in Wisconsin. This one sold out right after being previewed in last month’s Walking Dead #99 and should be hot very hard to find.

Revival #1 (Cover B Craig Thompson), 1:10. A rare variant from multi Eisner winner Craig Thompson and it’s pretty cool.

Sunset First Look (One Shot), $1. Preview of the upcoming GN by Christos Gage and Jorge Lucas.

Thief Of Thieves #1 (5th Printing Variant Cover), $2.99. First prints of #1 continue to sell for more than $40 and second and third prints are starting to sell for more than $10. The madness continues here.

Walking Dead #100 (Cover G Ryan Ottley), $3.99. Sold out. Count ’em, eight regular covers and the only one not already sold out is the regular Adlard cover. The madness hasn’t started yet, but I’m guessing Tuesday night at midnight (several shops are having midnight release parties) it begins. There doesn’t seem to be a clear winner, as far as pre-sales go. I really like the Sean Phillips cover and think McFarlane just missed the point all together, so we’ll just have to watch and see what happens for now.

Walking Dead #100 (Cover A Charlie Adlard)

Walking Dead #100 (Cover B Marc Silvestri)

Walking Dead #100 (Cover C Frank Quitely)

Walking Dead #100 (Cover D Todd McFarlane)

Walking Dead #100 (Cover E Sean Phillips)

Walking Dead #100 (Cover F Bryan Hitch)

Walking Dead #100 (Cover A Charlie Adlard), $3.99
Walking Dead #100 (Cover B Marc Silvestri), $3.99. Sold out
Walking Dead #100 (Cover C Frank Quitely), $3.99. Sold out
Walking Dead #100 (Cover D Todd McFarlane), $3.99 Sold out
Walking Dead #100 (Cover E Sean Phillips), $3.99 Sold out
Walking Dead #100 (Cover F Bryan Hitch), $3.99. Sold out.

Walking Dead #100 (Cover H Charlie Adlard Wraparound)

Walking Dead #100 (Charlie Adlard Wraparound Black & White Variant Cover)

Walking Dead #100 (Cover H Charlie Adlard Wraparound), $3.99. Sold out.
Walking Dead #100 (Charlie Adlard Wraparound Chromium Edition), $9.99. There doesn’t seem to be anything extra here other than a shiny cover. Thumbs down.

Walking Dead #100 (Charlie Adlard Wraparound Black & White Variant Cover), 1:200. This one is currently pre-selling for $250 and up but don’t freak out. I’m guessing that price collapses after Wednesday setteling right around the $180-$200 range.

Wild Children (One Shot), $7.99
Youngblood #72, $2.99


Animal Land Volume 5 GN, $10.99


Comics Buyers Guide #1692 (August 2012), $5.99


Urban Legends GN, $17.99


Ant-Man Season One HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99
Avengers Assemble #5, $3.99

Avenging Spider-Man #9

Avenging Spider-Man #9, $3.99. First appearance of the new Captain Marvel from the upcoming series by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Terry Dodson.

AvX Vs. #4 (of 6)(Brandon Peterson Regular Cover), $3.99
AvX Vs. #4 (of 6)(Fight Poster Variant Cover), 1:20
Captain America #14, $3.99
Casanova Volume 3 Avaritia TP, $14.99
Dark Avengers #177, $2.99
Defenders #8, $3.99
Ender’s Game Formic Wars Silent Strike HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99

Essential Web Of Spider-Man Volume 2 TP, $19.99. Collecting WEB OF SPIDER-MAN (1985) #19-32 and ANNUAL #3, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #293-294, and PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #131-132.

Fantastic Four Annual #33 (Alan Davis Regular Cover), $4.99. Written and drawn by Alan Davis so, of course, his creation the Clandestine shows up.

Fantastic Four Annual #33 (Alan Davis Variant Cover), 1:20
Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman Volume 5 HC (Premiere Edition), $29.99. Collects #600-604.

Journey Into Mystery Terrorism Myth HC (Premiere Edition), $19.99. Collects #632-636.
Marvel Masterworks The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 14 HC, $69.99

Marvel Masterworks The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 14 HC (Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 182), $69.99. Collecting Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #132-142; Giant-Size Super-Heroes #1 and Marvel Treasury Edition #1.

Marvel Universe The Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #4, $2.99
New Avengers #28, (Avx) $3.99
New Mutants #45, $2.99
Scarlet Spider #7, $2.99
Space Punisher #1 (of 4), $3.99. Because you demanded it?
Spider-Men #3 (of 5)(Jim Cheung Regular Cover), $3.99

Spider-Men #3 (of 5)(Terry Dodson Variant Cover)

Spider-Men #3 (of 5)(Terry Dodson Variant Cover), 1:30. Terry Dodson kills it here as usual, but I thought Miles Morales was 13-years-old. That guy Carrying Gwen looks huge. Watch for a $12-$15 price tag.

Spider-Men #3 (of 5)(Sara Pichelli Variant Cover), 1:100. Both of the previous 1:100 variants are selling for just under $50 which is a good price for this one also.

Takio #2, $3.95
Ultimate Comics X-Men #14 (Phil Noto Regular Cover), $3.99
Ultimate Comics X-Men #14 (Adi Granov Variant Cover), 1:30
Uncanny X-Force #27, $3.99
Venom #20, $2.99
Wolverine #310 (Simone Bianchi 2nd Printing Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), $3.99
Wolverine And The X-Men #13 (Avx), $3.99
Wolverine And The X-Men Alpha And Omega HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99
X-23 Volume 2 Chaos Theory TP, $16.99. Collects X-23 (2010) #10-16


Buffy And The Heroine’s Journey SC, $35
Crossing Boundaries In Graphic Narrative SC, $40


Legend Of Bold Riley GN, $29.99


Bad Medicine #3, $3.99
Guerillas Volume 2 TP, $17.99


Doctor Who Magazine #448, $8.99


Man Of God #2 (of 6)(Cover A Yvel Guichet), $3.50
Man Of God #2 (of 6)(Cover B Daniel Brereton), $3.50


Our Valued Customers Conversations From The Comic Book Store SC, $11


2000 AD #1784, $5.25
2000 AD #1785, $5.25
2000 AD #1786, $5.25
Judge Dredd Megazine #324, $12.25


Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures #4, $2.75


Scream Magazine #11, $8.99


Play-Mate Of The Apes Deluxe Pack, $9.99


Seduction Portraits Of Desire By Claudio Aboy SC, $9.95


Sci-FI The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Digital Painting Techniques SC, $24.95


Awkward Silence Volume 1 GN, $12.99
Punch Up Volume 1 GN, $12.99


Amazing Figure Modeler #52, $8.


Megami April 2012, $16
Newtype April 2012, $16


SpongeBob Comics #10, $2.99


Bloodshot #1 (Arturo Lozzi Regular Cover), $3.99. Bloodshot returns, written by Duane Swierczynski, whose been doing wonderful work on Birds of Prey over at DC. I’ve been digging all the Valiant relaunch stuff and this looks like another winner.

Bloodshot #1 (Mico Suayan Pullbox Cover)

Bloodshot #1 (Mico Suayan Pullbox Cover), $3.99. Don’t pay more than cover price here. Like the other Valiant pullbox variants, retailers had no restrictions on ordering and paid the same price as the regular cover. It’s a cool variant, sure, but treat this one like an alternate regular cover.

Bloodshot #1 (David Aja Variant Cover)

Bloodshot #1 (David Aja Variant Cover), 1:20. I love this Aja variant. Watch for a $10-$12 price tag, but keep your hands off mine.

Bloodshot #1 (Esad Ribic Variant Cover)

Bloodshot #1 (Esad Ribic Variant Cover), 1:50. Another very cool variant from Ribic and one that’s pre-selling all over the place; anywhere from $45-$75. Retailers don’t seem totally sold on the Valiant relaunch yet, so expect to pay a little more if you need this one. Watch for a $35-$40 price tag.

Harbinger #2 (Arturo Lozzi Regular Cover), $3.99
Harbinger #2 (Doug Braithwaite Variant Cover), 1:20


Bokurano Ours Volume 6 GN, $12.99
Mameshiba We Could Be Heroes GN, $6.99


Shadow Show All-New Stories In Celebration Of Ray Bradbury SC, $15.99


Call Of Wonderland #2 (of 3)(Cover A Marat Mychaels), $3.99
Call Of Wonderland #2 (of 3)(Cover B Anthony Spay), $3.99


Matt Baum is WorthPoint’s comic book Worthologist. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact Matt or post your question below in the Comic Book Forum in the WorthPoint Forums, located in the Community tab. You can also reply to this article in the “leave a reply box below. If you need more comic-nerd in your life, you can follow Matt on Twitter, where he’s always screaming about something nerd-related. Thanks to all Matt’s new followers and keep the comments coming!

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    I collected “Underground Comics” in the 1970′s, a couple of beer-boxes full. Are these worth anything today? I also have the entire first year of Heavy Metal in an HM binder. Any value?

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