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The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 08/15/2012

by Matt Baum (08/14/12).

Peanuts Volume 2 #1 (of 4)(Cover C Charles Schultz First Appearance Of Schroeder)

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by Worthpoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics, back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of Lists of new comics are courtesy of and Make sure and click on the links to learn more about the titles and creators discussed here. If you want to hear what this nerd sounds like you can catch me on my podcast, the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, where my friend Joe and I discuss the latest comic news, review some new comics, and answer your questions.

New Comics Roundup

Boom! Back in town and on time! Sorry about last week guys but I learned an important lesson; If you’ve got a deadline to meet pack your lap-top and find a Starbucks. This week watch for a new mini-series from Powers artist Michael Avon Oeming, the disturbing origin of Alan Moore’s Rorschach, the return of Jericho (the TV show, not the deaf guy from the Wolfman, Perez Teen Titans), a new Pathfinder comic based on the RPG, and Madman artist Mike Allred on Daredevil. Race ya to the comic shop? GO!

Below you will find all the info you could possibly need on all the hot, new comics shipping this Wednesday, Aug. 15, including variant ratios, storyline and creator notes and a little speculation on what could be hard to find in the future. The ratios listed after titles (i.e.; 1:10) represent how many issues of a regular cover retailers had to order to get the variant. Issues that are part of a crossover or storyline have an abbreviated title in parenthesis after the title comic (i.e.; AvX). Be sure to let me know what you think of the new format and remember to click on the links for previews. For a full list of comics shipping this week, click here. To find a comic shop near you, click here.

(Abbreviations: FOC – Final Order Cut Off date; GN – Graphic Novel; HC – Hardcover; SC – Soft Cover; TP – Trade Paperback; Vol – Volume).


Kindred Spirits GN, $17.99


Indie Comics Magazine #6, $6.49


Whatever Happened To The World Of Tomorrow SC, $14.95


Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 10 The Comic Book Art Of Bob Powell SC, $29.95


Adventures Of A Comic Con Girl #1 (of 3)

Adventures Of A Comic Con Girl #1 (of 3), $3.99. Just what it sounds like, the story of a girl at comic-con and of course, hilarity ensues.

Gold Digger #141, $3.99. Sold out.


Mecha-Nation Androidology TP, $9.99


Curse Of The Cortes Stone #1 (resolicited), $3.95. This is billed as a “War of the Independents” crossover starring the Wraith, Shadowflame and Johnny Saturn.


Archie Double Digest #232, $3.99
Betty And Veronica #261, $2.99
Life With Archie #22 (Pat Kennedy Cover), $3.99
Life With Archie #22 (Fernando Ruiz Cover), $3.99
Sonic Universe #43, $2.99. “Unsung Heroes” part 3.


Phoenix #6 (resolicited), $2.99


Homecoming #1 (Cover A Michael Turner), $3.99

Homecoming #1 (Cover B Mike DeBalfo), $3.99. A new series created by Michael Turner and David Whol about an amnesic girl that shows up in the main character’s backyard with fantastic powers after disappearing from his house 10 years previous.

Homecoming #1 (Cover C Michael Turner Sketch Incentive), $5. For every 16 regular covers ordered in any combination, retailers may purchase up to three additional Turner sketch covers.


Crossed Badlands #1 (Jacen Burrows Calgary Expo Cover), $5.99. Limited to 850 copies. Allocations may occur.

Crossed Badlands #11 (Jacen Burrows Regular Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #11 (Jacen Burrows Torture Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #11 (Jacen Burrows Wraparound Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #11 (Jacen Burrows Red Incentive Cover), 1:3

Crossed Badlands #7 (Jacen Burrows Auxiliary Cover), $3.99. Limited to 1,500 copies. Allocations may occur.

Crossed Badlands #8 (Jacen Burrows Auxiliary Cover), $3.99. Limited to 1,500 copies. Allocations may occur.

Dan The Unharmable #1 (Rafael Ortiz Auxiliary Cover), $3.99. Limited to 1,250 copies. Allocations may occur.

Ferals #5 (Gabriel Andrade Auxiliary Cover), $3.99. Limited to 1,250 copies. Allocations may occur.

Ferals #7 (Gabriel Andrade Regular Cover), $3.99
Ferals #7 (Gabriel Andrade Gore Cover), $3.99
Ferals #7 (Gabriel Andrade Wraparound Cover), $3.99
Ferals #7 (Gabriel Andrade Slashed Incentive Cover), 1:3


Priests of Mars HC (Warhammer 40K), $24.99


Simpsons Comics #193, $2.99


Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes TP, $14.99
Extermination #3 (Cover A Trevor Hairsine), $3.99
Extermination #3 (Cover B Ben Oliver), $3.99
Extermination #3 (Cover C Michael Gaydos), 1:15
Extermination #3 (Cover D Ben Oliver Sketch), 1:20
Extermination #3 (Cover E Trevor Hairsine Sketch), 1:30

Extermination #3 (Cover F John Cassaday CGC 9.8), 1:50. The #1 1:50 CGC variants showed up recently and are selling for around $50. If you need this one I’d try to stay below $40.

Kill Audio TP, $17.99
Operation Broken Wings 1936 TP, $9.99

Peanuts Volume 2 #1 (of 4)(Cover A Vicki Scott)

Peanuts Volume 2 #1 (of 4)(Cover A Vicki Scott), $3.99. Features all new Peanuts stories written with the blessing of the Schultz estate, reprints of Peanuts Sunday Funnies and a how-to-draw the Peanuts gang section. This one is a must-buy for any comic nerd with kids or just a soft spot for Charlie Brown.

Peanuts Volume 2 #1 (of 4)(Cover B Vicki Scott), 1:20

Peanuts Volume 2 #1 (of 4)(Cover C Charles Schultz First Appearance Of Schroeder), 1:30. These variants continue to sell for $15 and up and they’re getting hard to find. Watch for a $12-$15 price tag. And was Linus an infant when he first appeared?

Roger Langridge’s Snarked #11, $3.99. Sold out


Lady Death #16 (Matt Martin Auxiliary Cover), $3.99. Limited to 1250 copies. Allocations may occur.

Lady Death #17 (Paul Duffield Bloodshed Cover), $9.99. Limited to 850 copies. Allocations may occur.

Lady Death #20 (Juan Jose Ryp Regular Cover), $3.99
Lady Death #20 (Michael Dipascale Art Deco Incentive Cover), 1:3
Lady Death #20 (Matt Martin Sultry Cover), $3.99
Lady Death #20 (Renato Camilo Wraparound Cover), $3.99
Lady Death Origins Cursed #1 (of 3)(Matt Martin Faded Memories Cover), $9.99. Limited to 750 copies. Allocations may occur.


Cereal Geek Magazine #8, $15


Bone Volume 4 The Dragonslayer SC (Color Edition)(New Printing), $10.99
Bone Volume 6 Old Man’s Cave SC (Color Edition)(New Printing), $10.99


Star Wars Darth Vader In A Box Together We Can Rule The Galaxy HC, $19.95


Comic Shop News #1313. Should always be free.


CrossStar #1 (Ron Adrian Cover)

CrossStar #1 (Ron Adrian Cover), $3.99. From the creator of Knightingail comes a new crime thriller. Detective Basil arrives at a quiet suburban precinct to spend his last two years before retirement. Suddenly, the police station wall implodes as an armored truck crashes through it. A dark cloaked figure stands menacingly in the gaping hole. So begins Basil’s investigation into the CrossStar conspiracy.

CrossStar #1 (Sergio Cariello Cover), $3.99. Both covers ship in a 50/50 split.


Alabaster Wolves #5 (of 5), $3.50
B.P.R.D. Volume 17 Hell On Earth Volume 3 Russia TP, $19.99

Conan The Daughters Of Midora And Other Stories TP, $14.99. Collects Conan and the Daughters of Midora, Conan: Island of No Return #1-#2 and stories from MySpace Dark Horse Presents #11 and USA Today.

Empowered Deluxe Edition Volume 2 HC, $59.99. Reprints Adam Warren’s Empowered vols. 4, 5 and 6.

Manara Library Volume 3 HC, $59.99

Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #1 (of 5), $3.99. New mini-series from Powers artist Oeming and it looks like fun.

Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #5, $7.99
Star Wars The Clone Wars The Sith Hunters TP, $7.99


Batman The Streets Of Gotham Volume 3 House Of Hush TP, $17.99. Collected from STREETS OF GOTHAM #12-14 and 16-20.

Batwoman #12 (J.H. Williams III Regular Cover), $2.99
Batwoman #12 (J.H. Williams III Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25
Before Watchmen Rorschach #1 (of 4)(Lee Bermejo Regular Cover), $3.99

Before Watchmen Rorschach #1 (of 4)(Combo Pack Edition), $4.99. With free digital download code.

Before Watchmen Rorschach #1 (of 4)(Jim Steranko Variant Cover)

Before Watchmen Rorschach #1 (of 4)(Jim Lee Variant Cover)

Before Watchmen Rorschach #1 (of 4)(Jim Steranko Variant Cover), 1:25. This is a fantastic Steranko variant who, embarrassingly, I didn’t know was still alive. These are pre-selling for $25 but you can probably pick this one up for $12-$15.

Before Watchmen Rorschach #1 (of 4)(Jim Lee Variant Cover), 1:200. Another great-looking BW Jim Lee variant. These are pre-selling for $150 but there aren’t many out there. I’m guessing retailers slashed their orders, or at least adjusted them. These 1:200 variants could start getting a lot harder to find. That said, watch for a $90-$100 price tag… For now.

Birds Of Prey #12, $2.99
Blue Beetle #12, $2.99. Art by Cliff Richards.
Captain Atom #12, $2.99
Catwoman #12, $2.99
DC Universe Presents #12, $2.99. New storyline featuring Kid Flash.
Green Lantern #12 (Doug Mahnke & Mark Irwin Regular Cover), $2.99
Green Lantern #12 (Combo Pack Edition), $3.99. With free digital download code.
Green Lantern #12 (Doug Mahnke & Mark Irwin Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25
Green Lantern Corps #12, $2.99 “Alpha War” Epilogue

Green Lantern Green Arrow TP, $29.99 Reprints the Neil Adams issues which were truly amazing stuff. Collecting GREEN LANTERN #76-87 and 89, and stories from THE FLASH #217-219 and 226.

Green Lantern The Animated Series #5, $2.99
Hawk And Dove Volume 1 First Strikes TP, $16.99
Hellblazer #294, $2.99. “The Curse of the Constantines,” part two.
Legion Of Super-Heroes #12, $2.99
Nightwing #12, $2.99. Conclusion of “The Republic of Tomorrow, Today.” Guest stars Robin.

Red Hood And The Outlaws #12, $2.99
Saucer Country #6, $2.99
Shade #11 (of 12)(Tony Harris Regular Cover), $2.99
Shade #11 (of 12)(Frazer Irving Variant Cover), 1:10
Supergirl #12, $2.99. Guest starring Superman.
Wonder Woman #12 (Cliff Chiang Regular Cover), $2.99
Wonder Woman #12 (Cliff Chiang Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25


Star Wars The Complete Visual Dictionary HC (Revised Edition), $40


Making Of HC, $29.95


Shadow #1 (Alex Ross CGC Graded 9.8 Cover)(Dynamic Forces), $89.99. Sold out. The CGC Census currently lists 23 copies of Shadow #1 in CGC 9.8 condition, which isn’t a lot. Ninety dollars isn’t unreasonable, but you might be able to get this one cheaper. Or send your own copy into CGC and see what it comes back graded as.


Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood #15 (Tim Bradstreet Regular Cover), $3.99
Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood #15 (Tim Bradstreet Risque Variant Cover), 1:25
Pathfinder #1 (Dave Dorman Regular Cover), $3.99
Pathfinder #1 (Erik Jones Regular Cover), $3.99
Pathfinder #1 (Lucio Parillo Regular Cover), $3.99

Pathfinder #1 (Dave Dorman Regular Cover)

Pathfinder #1 (Erik Jones Regular Cover)

Pathfinder #1 (Matteo Scalero Regular Cover), $3.99. New series based on the bestselling line of books and role playing games. This could be a huge one for Dynamite if it handles it right and early reviews look good.

Pathfinder #1 (Authentix Cover). $6.99 This might be a blank cover and according to the Diamond site it hasn’t shipped yet.

Pathfinder #1 (Lucio Parillo Regular Cover)

Pathfinder #1 (Matteo Scalera High End Foil Cover)

Pathfinder #1 (Matteo Scalera High End Foil Cover), $10. This one also hasn’t shipped yet.

Pathfinder #1 (Matteo Scalera Black & White Variant Cover), 1:25
Pathfinder #1 (Dave Dorman Signed Cover), 1:50
Pathfinder #1 (Erik Jones Virgin Variant Cover), 1:100

Pathfinder #1 (Dave Dorman Sketch Variant Cover), 1:250. This one seems a little lofty for Dynamite. Even a lot of major online retailers aren’t offering this one for sale, which means it could be next to impossible to find. Which also means it’s very hard to call a price on this variant. Honestly, I don’t know if any retailers qualified for this variant.

Vampirella Vs. Dracula #6 (of 6)(Joseph Michael Linsner Regular Cover), $3.99
Voltron #7 (Sean Chen Regular Cover), $3.99
Voltron #7 (Sean Chen Virgin Variant Cover), 1:10
Witchblade Demon Reborn #1 (of 4)(Dennis Calero Regular Cover), $3.99. Continued from a Mark Millar and Jae Lee story.
Witchblade Demon Reborn #1 (of 4)(Dennis Calero Black & White Variant),
Witchblade Demon Reborn #1 (of 4)(Jae Lee Variant Cover), AR
Zorro Rides Again #11 (of 12)(Matt Wagner Regular Cover), $3.99


SFX #224, $10.99


Wolf GN, $12.95


Amulet Volume 3 The Cloud Searchers SC (New Printing), $12.99
Baby-Sitters Club Volume 1 Kristy’s Great Idea SC (New Printing), $9.99
Baby-Sitters Club Volume 2 The Truth About Stacey SC (New Printing), $9.99


White Cloud Worlds HC, $29.99


Art of War GN, $22.99


Fakk 2 Movie Special Simon Bisley Artbook HC, $19.95
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Volume 2 The Chosen SC (of 3), $14.95


Juxtapoz #140 (September 2012), $5.99


Battle Beasts #2 (of 4)(Cover A Valerio Schiti), $3.99
Battle Beasts #2 (of 4)(Cover RI Jeff Zornow), AR
Classic Popeye #1, $3.99. New series reprinting the 1948 Bud Sagendorf series.
Creativity Of Steve Ditko HC, $39.99
Crow #2 (Cover A Kyle Hotz), $3.99
Crow #2 (Cover RI-A James O’Barr), AR
Crow #2 (Cover RI-B Kent Williams), AR
Deadworld War Of The Dead #3 (of 5)(Cover A Sami Makkonen), $3.99
Deadworld War Of The Dead #3 (of 5)(Cover RI Sami Makkonen), AR
Definitive Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim Volume 2 HC, $75
Doctor Who Dave Gibbons Treasury Edition #1, $9.99
G.I. JOE #16 (Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards), $3.99
G.I. JOE #16 (Cover RI Tommy Lee Edwards), AR
G.I. JOE Disavowed Volume 6 TP, $19.99
Infestation 2 Volume 3 TP, $17.99

Jericho Season 4 #1 (of 5)(Cover A Tim Seeley), $3.99. The cult-TV hit is back at IDW and written by the original creators.

Jericho Season 4 #1 (of 5)(Cover B Photo), $3.99
Jericho Season 4 #1 (of 5)(Cover RI Glow-In-The-Dark A-Bomb), 1:25

KISS #1 (Nick Runge 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99. Well it happened, KISS comics are a thing again because someone demanded it. And first-prints of #1 are actually selling for more than cover price (around $5) and it looks like they could go up from there. Sigh…

Mars Attacks #1 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99. Even with north of 55 variant covers first-prints are selling very well from $5-$10 depending on the cover.

Star Trek 100-Page Spectacular Summer 2012, $7.99. Two stories featuring the TNG crew and the Voyager crew.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Volume 1 TP, $17.99. Reprinting TMNT’s first stories including; “The Peoples Choice,” “A TMNT Time Tale” and “The Shell of the Dragon.”


Illustration Magazine #38, $15


68 Scars #2 (of 4)(Cover A Nat Jones), $3.99
68 Scars #2 (of 4)(Cover B Nat Jones), $3.99
Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker #8, $2.99

Darkness Compendium Volume 2 HC (Limited Signed & Numbered Edition), $149.99. Collects THE DARKNESS, VOL. 2 #1-24, THE DARKNESS, VOL. 3 #1-10, THE DARKNESS #75-89 & more!

Elephantmen #42, $3.99
Fatale #7, $3.50
Hardcore #1 (Marc Silvestri Signed Edition), $19.99
Pigs #8, $2.99
Red Diary Re[a]d Diary Flipbook
HC, $29.99
#2, $2.99. Sold out.
#5 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $2.99
#6, $2.99
#66, $2.99
Walking Dead
#100 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99. Still plenty of these on the stands apparently.
Walking Dead
#101 (Charlie Adlard Regular Cover), $2.99
Walking Dead
#101 (Charlie Adlard Shared Exclusive Cover), ?


Air Gear Volume 25 GN, $10.99
Cage Of Eden Volume 6 GN, $10.99
Fairy Tail Volume 12 GN (Kodansha Edition), $10.99


Comics Buyers Guide #1693 (September 2012), $5.99


Star Wars X-Wing Volume 1 Mercy Kill HC, $27


Rue Morgue Magazine #125 (August 2012), $9.95


Amazing Spider-Man #691 (Giuseppe Camuncoli Regular Cover), $3.99. “No Turning Back” conclusion.

Amazing Spider-Man #691 (Adam Kubert Lizard Variant Cover)

Amazing Spider-Man #691 (Adam Kubert Lizard Variant Cover), 1:25. Most of these Lizard variants have been a lot of fun. This one in particular is fantastic! Watch for a $10-$12 price tag.

Avengers #29 (AvX), $3.99
Avengers Academy #35, $2.99
Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 (of 12)(Jim Cheung Regular Cover), $3.99
Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 (of 12)(Adam Kubert Variant Cover), AR
Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 (of 12)(Humberto Ramos Avengers Team Variant Cover)

Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 (of 12)(Humberto Ramos X-Men Team Variant Cover). Retailers had to exceed their orders of AvX #6 by 90 percent before they could order either team variant as needed. How anyone is still ordering these is beyond me, especially when there doesn’t seem to be much interest in the team variants at all.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 (of 12)(Promo Variant Cover)

Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 (of 12)(Nick Bradshaw Variant Cover)

Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 (of 12)(Promo Variant Cover), 1:25. This is a Humberto Ramos variant, although Marvel seemed to forget to tell anyone that. Watch for a $10-$12 price tag.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 (of 12)(Nick Bradshaw Variant Cover), 1:100. Another great looking Bradshaw variant here but don’t pay more than $50.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 (of 12)(Nick Bradshaw Sketch Variant Cover), 1:200. Same goes with this one. Nice-looking sketch variant but they’re only pre-selling for $90-$100. You can probably even find it cheaper than that if you’re patient.

Cable Classic Volume 3 TP, $24.99.Collecting CABLE (1993) #15-20 and WOLVERINE (1988) #85.

Captain America By Ed Brubaker Volume 1 TP, $16.99. Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA (2011) #1-5.

Captain Marvel #2, $2.99
Daredevil #17, $2.99. Mike Allred pencils and I’m so excited it’s stupid!
Dark Avengers #179, $2.99
Dark Tower The Gunslinger The Man In Black #3 (of 5), $3.99
Deadpool #59, $2.99
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #3 (of 4), $2.99
Elektra Assassin TP, $19.99.Collecting ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN #1-8.

Essential Warlock Volume 1 TP, $19.99. Adam Warlock not New Mutants Warlock. Kinda makes you wonder if he’ll be making a reappearance in the Marvel Cosmic U soon? Collecting MARVEL PREMIERE #1-2, WARLOCK (1972) #1-15, INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #176-178, STRANGE TALES (1951) #178-181, MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #55 and ANNUAL #2 and AVENGERS ANNUAL (1967) #7.

Hulk #56, $2.99
Hulk Season One HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99
Marvel Super Heroes #3 (Disney Publishing Worldwide), $4.99
New Mutants #47, $2.99
Sensational Spider-Man #33.2, $2.99

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By Brian Michael Bendis Volume 1 TP, $19.99. Here’s your second chance to see why Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spidey, is all the rage. Collecting ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN (2011) #1-5 and ULTIMATE COMICS FALLOUT #4.

Uncanny X-Force #29, $3.99
Uncanny X-Force Volume 4 The Dark Angel Saga Book 2 TP, $19.99. Collecting UNCANNY X-FORCE #14-19.
X-Factor #242, $2.99
X-Men #34, $3.99


Teaching Comics And Graphic Narratives SC, $45


Isaac the Pirate Set Volumes 1-2 SC, $29.99
Philosophy A Discovery In Comics HC, $16.99
Treasury of XXth Century Murder Volume 5 Lover’s Lane The Hall Mills Mystery HC, $15.99


U Don’t Know Me GN (New Printing), $11.99


Bad Medicine #4, $3.99


Certain Scientific Railgun Volume 5 GN, $12.99
I Don’t Like You At All Big Brother Collected Edition Volume 1 GN (Volumes 1-2), $16.99
Lizzie Newton Victorian Mysteries Volume 1 GN, $11.99


Body Shots The Art Of T.C. Cor SC, $14.95


CLiNT 2.0 #3, $6.99
Everybody Loves Tank Girl #2 (of 3), $3.99


Brickjournal #19, $8.95


Bloodshot #2 (Arturo Lozzi Regular Cover)

Bloodshot #2 (Arturo Lozzi Regular Cover), $3.99. Writer Duane Swierczynski is killing it here and writing a story unlike any I’ve read. Go find Bloodshot #1 and get on board, otherwise your missing out.

Bloodshot #2 (Andy Brase Variant Cover), 1:20. Nice variant by Andy Brase, who I haven’t heard of until now. Not bad, sir! Bloodshot variants are selling well, which leads me to believe a lot of retailers didn’t order enough to qualify for them. Watch for a $10-$12 price tag.

Harbinger #3 (Arturo Lozzi Regular Cover), $3.99. This is another winner from Valiant. Equal parts Akira and Chronicle with a very believable and flawed main character. I love this comic so far and more people should be reading this.

Harbinger #3 (Patrick Zircher Variant Cover), 1:20. I love Zircher but this one isn’t doing much for me. Harbinger variants seem to be the same story as Bloodshot. With Harbinger #2 falling outside the top 120 in comic sales last month (#124), it seems that retailers aren’t as excited about the Valiant relaunch as fans are and therefore aren’t qualifying for variant orders. Which is too bad, because all of their titles have been excellent.


Video Watchdog #169, $8.95


Inu Yasha Volume 12 GN (VIZBIG Edition), $17.99
Itsuwaribito Volume 6 GN, $9.99
Kekkaishi Volume 33 GN, $9.99
Voltron Force Volume 3 Twin Trouble GN, $7.99


Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Call Of Wonderland #3 (of 4)(A Pasquale Qualano), $3.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Call Of Wonderland #3 (of 4)(B Alfredo Reyes), $3.99


Ultimate 7 Volume 2 TP, $17.99


Matt Baum is WorthPoint’s comic book Worthologist. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact Matt or post your question below in the Comic Book Forum in the WorthPoint Forums, located in the Community tab. You can also reply to this article in the “leave a reply box below. If you need more comic-nerd in your life, you can follow Matt on Twitter, where he’s always screaming about something nerd-related. Thanks to all Matt’s new followers and keep the comments coming!

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7 Responses to “The Comic Speculator – New Comics Roundup 08/15/2012”

  1. Edie Van Alstine says:

    Hello, I have 5 like-new Spawn comics:
    Return of the Suture, part 1, 1998, $2.95
    No Trespassing, 1999, $2.95
    Bloodstains, 1998, $2.95
    Devil Inside, 1999, $2.95
    Exterminator, 1999, $2.95

    Do you have any idea of their value? Thank you.

  2. nillyville says:

    I’m not a worthologist, but I’m sorry they aren’t a whole lotta money. Probably 1-4 dollars each. Yeah, they are less than cover price at some dollar bins. So read them, over and over, and pass em on to your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about them bending, ripping, or being chewed on by a grandson/daughter or two.

  3. Spider34 says:

    Do you know how rare the Walking Dead 101 variant is? They started selling on Ebay for $60 now they have dropped down to around $20.

    • Matt Baum Matt Baum says:

      I’m having as heck of a time finding any info on this one. That said, the people who paid $60-$70 for it are probably kicking themselves now that it’s selling for $25. I’l keep digging here and see what I can come up for as far as a print run.

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