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The Comic Speculator – Sell Out News 10/28/2011

by Matt Baum (10/28/11).

Daredevil #3

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics and back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from the Overstreet Guide to Comics (OVST), (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of The codes under the prices of new titles discussed are Diamond Comics order codes that can be used to help your local comic retailer in ordering the issues discussed. If you want to hear what this nerd sounds like you can catch him on his podcast, the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, where he and his friend Joe discuss the latest comic news, review some new comics, and answer your questions.

Sell Out News

These could be the hot back issues of the future so pay attention and buy now or pay way too much for them later. The sell-outs discussed here are taken from the September 2011 top 300 selling comics list provided by Diamond and are at the distributor level meaning there may be copies still available at your local comic shop. The numbers in parenthesis are the sales ranks for each title on the chart.


Executive Assistant Iris Vol 2 #3 (255 of top 300)
Executive Assistant Orchid #3 (281)
Executive Assistant Lotus #3 (283)
Executive Assistant Violet #3 (285)


Irredeemable #29 (198)
Planet of the Apes #6 (226)
Incorruptible #22 (234)
Farscape #23 (290)
Stan Lee’s Solider Zero #12 (291)
Stan Lee’s Star Born #10 (300)

No new series for BOOM! in September and not a lot of sales surprises. Planet of the Apes continues to sell out with each release and sell for about $5 on the back-issue market. Other than that, same as usual for BOOM!


Angel and Faith #2 (109)
Usagi Yojimbo #140 (269)

Angel and Faith #2 sold out just as fast as #1, even with the looming DC relaunch. #2 is also selling about as well on the back issue market with copies selling for $5 and up.


Batman #1 (1)
Action Comics #1 (2)
Green Lantern #1 (3)
Flash #1 (4)
Superman #1 (5)
Detective Comics #1 (6)
Batman The Dark Knight #1 (7)
Batman and Robin #1 (10)
Green Lantern New Guardians #1 (11)
Batgirl #1 (12)
Wonder Woman #1 (13)
Green Lantern Corps #1 (14)
Teen Titans #1 (15)
Aquaman #1 (16)
Batwoman #1 (17)

Detective Comics #1

Animal Man #1

Red Lanterns #1 (19)
Justice League Dark #1 (20)
NightWing #1 (21)
Justice League International #1 (24)
Green Arrow #1 (28)
Swamp Thing #1 (29)
Supergirl #1 (31)
Catwoman #1 (33)
Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (39)
Birds of Prey #1 (40)
Savage Hawkman #1 (41)
Superboy #1 (42)
Justice League #1 (44) – Reorders from August
Stormwatch #1 (45)
Fury of Firestorm the Nuclear Man #1 (46)
Legion of Superheroes #1 (47)
Suicide Squad #1 (49)
Deathstroke #1 (54)
Legion Lost #1 (56)
Animal Man #1 (57)
Batwing #1 (58)
DC Universe Presents #1 (60)
Blue Beetle #1 (62)
Captain Atom #1 (63)
All Star Western #1 (65)
Hawk and Dove #1 (68)
Resurrection Man #1 (71)
Demon Knights #1 (72)
Frankenstein Agent of Shade #1 (73)
Mister Terrific #1 (74)
Grifter #1 (75)
Voodoo #1 (76)
Blackhawks #1 (77)
I Vampire #1 (78)
Static Shock #1 (80)
Men of War #1 (81)
OMAC #1 (82)

DC dominated the Top 100 this month, thanks to its relaunch event. It also didn’t hurt that retailers could return a lot of these titles that they don’t sell. When the sellouts first began, we saw some pretty outlandish prices on some of the lesser ordered titles like Animal Man and All Star Western, both were selling for more than $20. Since then, things seemed to have cooled off. Currently, Animal Man #1 and Detective Comics #1 are still selling for more than $10, while titles like Batgirl #1, Suicide Squad #1, Nightwing #1 and Catwoman #1 are all creeping up to the $10 price range.


Game of Thrones #1

Game of Thrones #1 (107)

Surprisingly, this was the first title in the Top 100 that wasn’t a DC or Marvel comic to sell out. It seems as bad as the DC relaunch skewed Marvel’s numbers, it crushed the smaller publishers sales. This is another comic that saw a brief spike and then prices began to settle down. Currently, Game of Thrones #1 first printings are creeping back up to the $5 price range but there aren’t many for sale so that number could be going up soon. Especially as the second season gets closer to air.


Star Trek #1

Ghostbusters #1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 (113)
Ghostbusters ongoing #1 (125)
Star Trek ongoing #1 (129)
True Blood; The French Quarter #2 (175)
Transformers ongoing #26 (182)
Transformers ongoing #25 (185)
Dungeons and Dragons #11 (201)

TMNT is still hot with #2 selling for $6 and up. The variant covers on #2 seem to be doing well also with some going as high as $50. Ghostbusters and Star Trek were the other two debuts for IDW in September and both sold out instantly. Both are currently selling for $5 and up. I would guess Star Trek #1 will see a boost from the upcoming movie and will probably go up from there.


Spawn #211 (154)
Severed #2 (188)
Artifacts #10 (191)
Witchblade #148 (200)
Super Dinosaur #4 (205)
Witch Doctor #3 (215)
PIGS #1 (218)
Near Death (248)
50 Girls 50 #4 (253)
Teen Wolf: Bite Me #1 (267)
Gladstones School for World Conquerors #5 (289)
Walking Dead Weekly #37 (294)
Samurai’s Blood #4 (295)
Walking Dead Weekly #38 (297)
Walking Dead Weekly #36 (298)

Smaller companies like Image may not have experienced the same skew on the top 300 as Marvel did due to the fact that most of DC/Marvel titles were jockeying for position in the top 100 and most of Image’s titles sell outside the top 100. The only debuts in September were Pigs #1, which sold out before shipping thanks to good reviews (I gave it a glowing review on my podcast) and Teen Wolf: Bite Me #1 (very clever). There still seems to be plenty copies of Pigs #1 out there so prices are still sitting at cover. Teen Wolf #1’s are harder to find and selling for around the $5 mark.


Uncanny X-Men #543 (25)
New Avengers #16 (26)
Uncanny X-Force #15 (32)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 (35)
X-Men Schism #4 (36)
New Avengers Annual #1 (43)
X-Men #17 (51)
Ultimate Comics Ultimates #2 (53)
Daredevil #4 (61)
Daredevil #3 (64)
Wolverine #15 (69)
Astonishing X-Men #42 (84)

Brilliant #1 (88)
Journey Into Mystery #628 (89)
Moon Knight #5 (90)
Punisher #3 (91)
Deadpool #43 (92)
Hulk #41 (94)
Thunderbolts #163 (97)
X-23 #14 (99)
X-Factor #225 (100)
Spider-Island Avengers #1 (108)
Daken Dark Wolverine #14 (110)
Fear Itself Hulk vs. Dracula #1 (112)
Fear Itself Home Front #6 (117)

Fear Itself Hulk vs. Dracula #1

Brilliant #1

Wolverine Debt of Death #1 (124)
Fear Itself The Deep #4 (128)
Spider-Island Amazing Spider-Girl #2 (135)
Herc #7 (138)
Deadpool MAX #12 (144)
Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine #4 (149)
Wolverine and the Black Cat; Claws 2 #3 (169)
Captain America Corps #4 (178)
Mystery Men #5 (195)
X-Men Schism #3 (282)

Marvel obviously got its tail kicked by the DC relaunch, but it should really only skew its sales numbers for this month alone. As far as issues to watch, Brilliant #1, the creator-owned title by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagely, is creeping up to the $6 price level. The Hulk vs. Dracula Fear Itself tie in seems to be hard to find. Sets of 1-3 are selling for $10-$12. Daredevil #3 is also creeping up in price thanks to very positive buzz behind the book. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Daredevil comic, you need to read this latest run.


Matt Baum is WorthPoint’s comic book Worthologist. If you have any questions about these books or anything else in the comic book world feel free to contact Matt or post your question below in the Comic Book Forum in the WorthPoint Forums, located in the Community tab. You can also reply to this article in the “leave a reply box below. If you need more comic-nerd in your life, you can follow Matt on Twitter, where he’s always screaming about something nerd-related. Thanks to all Matt’s new followers and keep the comments coming!

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