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Comics Auction Watch – Silver-Age Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man & X-Men

by Matt Baum (01/24/12).

UPDATED Wed., Jan 25, 2011 – 4:10 p.m.

The Comic Speculator is a blog written by WorthPoint Comic Book “Worthologist” Matt Baum that takes a look at each week’s hot new comics and back issues and the comic market place in general. Prices discussed here are taken from the Overstreet Guide to Comics (OVST), (CPG) and current online auction sales. Sales numbers and rankings are courtesy of The codes under the prices of new titles discussed are Diamond Comics order codes that can be used to help your local comic retailer in ordering the issues discussed

The Back Issue Report

Welcome back true believers. It’s time again to set sail for the treacherous, icy waters of comic book back-issue marketplace in search of the catch of the month. (Today’s writing soundtrack was The Whole Love by Wilco)

Auction Watch!

Comic Link’s January Focused Auction begins closing this week, starting Tuesday, Jan. 24, and there are some amazing Marvel Silver-Age comics up for bid. Here’s a look at some of the most notable Comics up for Auction:

Avengers #4 (Marvel, 1964) CGC 9.4

Avengers #4 (Marvel, 1964) CGC 9.6: This was the first appearance of Cap with the Avengers and the first Silver-Age retelling of his origin. Cap first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 (Timely, 1941) but fell into obscurity in the mid 1950s. This Avengers issue not only reinvigorated Cap’s popularity but set him as one of Marvel’s most important characters. Last summer’s “Captain America: The First Avenger” movie was a huge hit, and with the buzz around the upcoming Avengers movie, you can bet prices on this first Silver-Age Cap appearance will continue to rise. Currently, this auction is sitting at $50,000 with 39 bids, but I’d expect that price to go up considerably before the auction ends Tuesday night just after 9 p.m. EST.

UPDATE: Avengers #4 CGC 9.6 – Sold for $50,000. I was a little shocked with this one but, after checking the CGC census, there is 12 other copies in this same condition. Still, this seems like a steal to me.

Amazing Spider-Man #8 (Marvel, 1964) CGC 9.8

Amazing Spider-Man #8 (Marvel, 1964) CGC 9.8: This is the highest-graded example of Amazing Spider-Man #8 with only five other copies graded in the same condition (one of which sold for $72,000 on Comic Link in January of 2010. This issue features the Fantastic Four, the Living Brain and Peter Parker’s first fight with his high-school nemesis, Flash Thompson. Currently, this issue is sitting at $20,250 with 40 bids. I’d expect this issue to go for at least $25,000 before the auction ends Tuesday at 7:45 p.m.

UPDATE: Amazing Spider-Man #8 – Sold for $21,250. This was well below where I thought this one would sell but, when talking about early Spidey issues, I guess #8 isn’t a landmark issue (no first appearances or deaths) and 21 grand is nothing to laugh at.

X-Men #1 (Marvel, 1963) CGC 8.0

X-Men #1 (Marvel, 1963) CGC 8.0: If there’s such thing as an affordable copy of the first appearance of Marvel’s Mutants, The X-Men, this might be it. With 41 copies of X-Men #1 in CGC graded condition, this issue isn’t exactly a white whale, but high-grade copies of X-Men #1, slabbed and un-slabbed—like this one—are continuing to rise in price. Currently, this copy is sitting at $8,510 with 24 bids, but I would be surprised if it sells for less than $12,000 when the auction ends Wednesday night at just after 11 p.m. EST.

Incredible Hulk #181 (Marvel, 1974) CGC 9.8

• Incredible Hulk #181 (Marvel, 1974) CGC 9.8: And if there’s such thing as a comic most of us will never be able to afford, this copy of the Incredible Hulk #181, the first appearance of Wolverine, in CGC 9.8 condition has to be it. An amazing 50 copies of this issue in CGC 9.8 condition are counted in the CGC census, but that doesn’t stop it from routinely selling as the most expensive Bronze-Age Marvel comic in the world. There was one copy in CGC 9.9 condition—the only in existence—that sold for $150,000 on Comic Link in March of 2011 and since then prices on all high-grade Hulk #181s have been rising. Last December, a copy sold on eBay for $13,499 and previous copies in the same condition have sold for upwards of $15,000. Currently, this issue is sitting at the very low price of $8,096 with 38 bids. I would almost guarantee that price will double before the auction ends just before 8 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Jan. 25.


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