Don’t Smoke!…Collect!

cigar store Indian

Don’t Smoke!…Collect Tobacciana

What a great area to collect in and it is hot! Whether it is pipes, tins, silks, baseball cards, signs or porcelain, there is something for everyone.

This field also intersects with other collecting fields creating that crossover into other collections.It is fine art with porcelain figural humidors, risqué ladies, beautifully carved pipes, boxes and trays.

What other types of tobacco items can you think of and what do you collect?

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  1. Chris Hughes says:

    That is an amazing cigar store Indian image in your blog. Do you recall the height of it?

  2. ThomPattie says:

    the Indian was just about 6′ tall, but not extremely old maybe 40 years or so.

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