Dutch Bible 1681

I have recently come to own a Dutch bible which I believe could have some value, and I would be keen to know if anyone has any suggestions of where I can get it valued, particularly if it is worth my while insuring it. It is 10×16 inches, 6 inches thick, complete with original cover, pages, maps and images and was restored from a bundle of papers so the spine is not original.

First page (translated) reads:
Bible, that is to say Holy Scripture, The whole of the canonical books of old and new Testament.
Through the Staten Generaal (Dutch government of those days) and according to the secision of the synod (national church gathering in the Netherlands) in Dordrecht 1618/1619 faithfully translated from other languages into Dutch, with newly added comments from similar texts on places which are difficult to understand and new registars of both testaments. Printing mistakes were corrected officially by the church.
Second page:
The consent of the local/regional government that H. Sweerts is allowed to print this version of the bible (1681)

My great aunt found the bible as a bundle of papers tied together in the possession of my great grandmother when her husband died in 1984. She paid for it’s renovation and found out from her mother that she got it from her mother (my great great grandmother)who grew up in a well to do family in Franker, Friesland (a university town, now in Holland). The family had a link to Weevers, a printing company who may have been involved with the bibles printing. It is likely that it was made to be a family Bible and consequently my great grandmother (who sadly died a couple of years ago), my grandmother and my great aunt made the decision that it should be handed down the female line. It was given to me for my 16th Birthday because I am religious and my dutch middle name was my great great grandmothers first name. I understand that this family heirloom could be worth a considerable amount and therefore would like to get it valued so that it can be insured.

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  1. Steve Maass says:

    I have a similar Dutch bible from 1682 that I have just uncovered in my family. It is all original, but has a broken clasp. I was wondering if you ever found out the worth of yours and how to find that out?

    • LornaJ says:

      Unfortunately I have never managed to get it valued. We did try various book shops and a local Cathedral library to see if they had any suggestions, but with no success. We have considered taking it to an antiques show but have never got round to actually doing so! If you do have any success it would be great if you could let me know.