Errors in the State Quarters are Worth Lots of Money

2003 Waffled Missouri State Quarter that Escaped Mint Destruction
2004 Florida State Error Quarter on 5 Cent Planchet
Arkansas State Error Quarter on Nickel Planchet
2000 Virginia State Error Quarter Missing Reverse Clad
1999 Connecticut State Quarter Error 35% struck Off Center
Virginia State Error Quarter 2000 Double Clipped 11%
Maryland 2000 State Error Quarter on Nickle Planchet
2000 Maryland error Quarter 15% Clipped
South Carolina Quarter Missing Reverse Clad
Tennessee Quarter on a Nickel Planchet

I have always liked coin collecting. When I was a kid, there was not a lot to do in the tiny town I grew up in. I think there were 100 people in town, when everyone was home on Sunday. One of the things we would do, is get our parents to take us to the neighboring town, where there was a bank, to get rolls of coins from the tellers, to search through. My favorites were the dimes, where it was quick and easy to pull out the Mercury dimes, from the Roosevelts and refill the rolls and go back and get new rolls.

Today, coin collecting, in the United States, has been revived by the US Mint issuing the state quarters. We are almost through the 50 state quarters, and the US government relizes they have a good thing going with coin collectors. I have seen 1 statistic where there are now 140 million collectors of these things. That includes me, I have made a set for all 5 of my children, including the silver ones.

I noticed bacck in 1999, an error in the Delaware quarter, that was sitting on the desk, in my office. I could not figure out at first, what was the matter with the coin, until I noticed after several days that the “e” was missing off of the words “The First Stat”e””. That was to be the first of many errors the Mint was to make on these coins. The Delaware error is common, and was caused by grease. It is worth about $20.

I am collecting a set of error quarters, for myself, as a different project, to complement the sets I made for my kids. I am not worrying about Mint marks,and such. I am just trying to get a good error coin for each State. The Mint does a pretty good job on quality, so these coins are difficult to find in change, but they are out there. I have included pictures of some of my favorites. These include; a Maryland, Tennessee, Arkansas and Florida struck on a 5 cent planchet; Maryland and Virginia with clips from the coins; South Carolina and Virginia with a missing layer of “silver” from the reverse; Conneticut that was mistruck, and my favorite, Missouri, that the Mint caught the error and then cancelled the coin by waffling it. Somehow, the coin then escaped from the Mint and made it out into circulation, where I saved it from destruction.

No one knows how many of these errors the mint makes, or, how many coins escape from the waffle machine. They are scarce, and you should be on the look out for these and other error coins. The payoff can be high. The ones I pictured are worth up to $5,000. Not a bad deal if you are getting change back for a dollar. The lucky finder can then start their own collection or,with a membership, will soon be able to sell it to collectors on WorthPoint, or through one of our auction house partners.

Good hunting! I will continue to show, in future blogs, other error coins from the US Mint.


  1. Bobby Sullivan says:

    I have a 2000 South Carolina quarter with blisters on both sides.

  2. donald says:

    hello I have a new coin from like year 2000 and it has in god we trust on both sides is it worth anything ty

    • David B. says:

      Hello Donald thanks for submitting your question and the answer to that question is yes and no the reason being is its pretty common not rare at all but its a neat little error the value of your quarter is $5.00 but that could change depending on what grade it is if it were a “NGC” grade then it would be worth anywhere from $13.50-$18.00 but the only way to determine the grade of your coin would be to send it to a coin dealer but you have to make sure that the dealer does appraisal’s and certification’s of coin’s. People just automatically assume that because someone is a coin dealer they appraise as well as certify coin’s too,But that’s not how it work’s so like i said make sure the dealer is experienced in appraising and certifying coins. If you don’t have any idea or maybe you don’t have time to search for such a dealer then you can send it to “Crazy Dave’s Coin Imporium” in Easton Pennsylvania address is 2114 Butler St. zip code 18042 my name is Dave and i’m glad I can help you answer your question if you have any more question’s please fell free to send me an E-mail Sincerely David B.

  3. Lee says:

    I have a 1999-P Connecticut Double Side Clad Error; both sides are complete copper. Beautiful coin.

  4. Jacob says:

    I have a Hawaiian state quarter that is missing the R in dollar on the front so it says quarter dolla. Its really cool, does anyone know how much it is worth?

  5. Kimberly powell says:

    My mom has a 2004 flordia state quarter and there is no copper in it. Can someone tell me what it’s worth.

  6. jr says:

    1999 Georgia state quarter with no copper strip on edge. Mint error? Valuable? Can send pictures if you tell me where. Philadelphia mint I think. Has a P.

  7. Ethel Schneider says:

    I have a 1999Delaware State Quarter without any copper. Is it worth anything?

  8. Nate rogers says:

    I have an Iowa quarter with a stamp on back “LOT TO THE BANK”.

  9. jacob camp says:

    I have a 1970 s penny could anyone tell me how to distinguish if its a small cent?

  10. tiffany dillon says:

    ok I have a Arkansas state quarter but the thing is … is that on the back where it should have a diamond bird ect it don’t. it has a tree with a guy on the back of it and then another set of legs. weird huh. never seen such a thing and it even says Arkansas on it an then on the part that says birthplace of Clinton some of the first letters are barely there. any ideas on how much it is worth and if there is any others like it. it is also thicker on one side

  11. Audrey Marcy says:

    I have a 2000 Virginia Quarter with “PUSH” engraved across the front. Does anyone know what that means?

  12. lou k. says:

    hi, how are ya,
    i recently sold a 2000 double-die mistrike maryland state quarter looks like a half moon on front or obverse. I sold it for $150.00 , did i do well?