Falling Prices Mean More Bang

Now is the time to buy antiques and collectables. Some of the greatest collections have been assembled when the economy and antique market were down. Henry Frances DuPont amassed one of the greatest collections of Americana during the Great Depression, which are now on display at the Winterthur in Delaware.

Winterthur is an American country estate. It’s the former home of same Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969), collector of antiques and horticulturist. H. F. du Pont and his father, Henry Algernon du Pont, designed and built Winterthur in the early 20th century – in the spirit of 18th- and 19th-century European country houses.

I recently watched Academy Award winner “A Room With A View” and marveled at the period costumes and sets. The “country cottage” and manor featured in the film were overflowing with gorgeous art, furniture, and country gardens. It renewed my appreciation of veils, button boots, and gave me a strange yearning to have afternoon tea. I’m overcome with a similar sensation viewing the collection at Winterthur online. Antique furniture, silver, needlework, textiles, paintings, prints, ceramics, and glass are the ingredients for an English country house in Delaware. I look forward to viewing the du Pont masterpiece in person. A visit to the home and grounds is a must for both collectors and non-collectors.

Falling market prices on antiques means more for your dollar in buying and upgrading your collection. Lowered prices and lowered demand mean significantly more bang for your digital (or tangible) buck.