First Blog

Yes, ’tis true!!! This is my very first blog! Well, actually it is my 3rd blog because the first one got deleted accidently and the second one didn’t sound as good as the first so I deleted that. I tend to write how I speak and sometimes that is okay and other times it sends all of my grammatically and typographically correct friends into a spin. I know they wish they could just whoop that red pen out and go to town! Can’t do that here!!! I am probably the only person in the free world who has never blogged, besides my Mother, who by the way just got her first computer and it is a laptop! She will be mobile with internet access. Google will probably explode!
I am truly enjoying my new job at WorthPoint. There is a lot of work and so much exciting news comes in every day, it is hard to process it all. I have to keep up with all of these fella’s, especially Will. All of my previous bosses have been very driven, but not like this one. He is nonstop! He is so dedicated to his work it is inspiring, but I have to admit, sometimes exhausting for me. I need to get back into my running routine and better eating habits. Wait……it’s that time of year for resolutions right? So, there you go! Number one will be “Keep up with Will and my coworkers-mentally and physically”.

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  1. Chris Hughes says:

    Welcome to the blogging world. Don’t worry, blogs are not term papers. Just write how you feel and punctuate accordingly.

    Congratulations to your mother on her new computer acquisition. Hopefully, she will learn to enjoy using the internet as much as I do. Living in the Midwest, the web has been my savior for culture and news!

  2. mlhardy says:

    Thank you for the positive reinforcement. I am excited to be an official blogger. I think my subject matter for a bit will be “from the eye of the storm”-sort of an inside view of WorthPoint from my perspective. All the excitment and progress that is taking place. I think that would be fun!