Ford 30 Year Commerative Coin of V8 Engine

I have a coin that was given to my greatgrandfathers from the Ford Company when they were celebrating the V8 engine’s 30th year. The coin is solid copper, and in the front is a radiator, with the word Ford written across it. On the each side coin are the dates 1903 and 1933. The back of the coin has a large V with an 8 imposed over the top of it, between the words “Thirty Years of Progress”.


  1. keith hampton says:

    I also have a coin and have only seen one other. The info I have is that these were given to Ford employees in 1933—nothing else known. Would appreciate any additional info. Keith

  2. Robert Groves says:

    I also have one that my father used as a watch fob, someone punched a hole in it. They were not ford employees. I suspect these coins were given out by the ford sales people to prospective buyer on fords anniversary, what are they worth

  3. Rick McGaughey says:

    I too have one that I found while living in Kansas. Can anyone tell me about this medallion and are they woryh anything?

  4. Scott R says:

    I am a Ford employee I hired in 1996.
    My father hired in at Ford in 1977.
    My great-grand father hired in at Ford in 1903.
    He was hired to work on one of Henry Ford’s farms
    in Dearborn Michigan. My famly’s home town.
    My great-grand father worked on his farm at Greenfeild
    and Warren road. My great-grand father was born in 1887,
    He hired into Ford when he was sixteen in 1903 and retired
    from the farm in 1933. Getting his 30 year coin. Which
    started in 1933 with the Thirty Years of Progress Fair.
    I now have my great-grand fathers 30yr. coin 1903-1933,
    my fathers 30yr. coin 1977-2007, and eventually my
    30yr. coin 1996-2026. For whatever it’s worth these coins
    will never be sold. I hope that Ford will keep going in the
    right direction and keep beating Toyota for the best in best.

    Forever Ford Family,
    Your’s in Quality Job One (Local UAW Member 600)
    Scott Rudnicki

  5. Kenneth Donnel says:

    I also have one that was in a relatives estate items in Illinois> What are they worth?

    • Joe P. says:

      I have 2 of the coins, have you heard what they are worth.
      I have someone who is interested in them but do not know what to ask.

  6. Pete says:

    I have the V8 coin also so what are they worth?

  7. vaughn says:

    I too have one of these coin and was also wondering it’s worth. Can anyone tell me?

  8. John Halley says:

    I have one of these tokens too. My grandfather worked at the Rouge Plant in Detroit most of his life and retired in the 50s. I doubt they are worth much, but is part of my family collection.

  9. Bill Hughan says:

    My grandfather gave me his v8 coin when I was 10 years young along with 2 Indian arrow heads that he found while building his foundation for his house in Lincoln Park N. J. For years I had that coin in my pocket, until I didn’t. I miss not having it ,to me it was a treasure. I do have my 2 arrow heads and many other treasures my grandparents passed down to me. My grandfather born 1884, my dad 1923 ,myself 1947