GoAntiques Makeover Poll Results

Thanks to all members of the GoAntiques community who participated in our recent survey. As promised, here is a summary of our findings related to what we plan for the site makeover this fall. We welcome any feedback on this direction. Thanks again for your help!


These are the high points of what you (dealers) told us through survey responses.

  1. We should go with a basic member page (limited customization) and offer individual promotional text in the “store” template.
  2. Most of you would like extra distribution/exposure of your items, so we should offer an option for pushing items to partner sites and an easy way to transport inventory to and from auction venues.
  3. “Make an Offer” feature is a definite yes since most of you would like the option of deciding whether to sell below list price.
  4. Tracking stats, image needs, shipping services and contact info – see “Additional Findings” below which pretty much speak for themselves
  5. Obvious functionality fixes are a priority, such as the shopping cart; multiple item handling; etc.

Profile of Respondents

  • Age 50 Plus

  • Lifestyle and professional business levels

  • See high value in online channels but also depend heavily on word of mouth; social networking and shows

Additional Details

  1. Image use per listing – About half said 1-4 and the other half 5-8.
  2. Use of detailed tracking stats – This was almost a bell curve with about 1/3rd daily; half weekly; and 1/5th monthly.
  3. Shipping services used – Uncle Sam wins at 67%.
  4. Contact information – Over two-thirds of you prefer to display contact information on listings.
  5. Open ends – what new feature would you most like to see?

    These are obviously all over the map, but among the most consistent are:

    • Combining items in a single invoice/transaction
    • List multiple items simultaneously; mixing inventory
    • More pictures per listing
    • Better payment solution/shopping cart
    • Make an offer feature
    • Rate calculator