Gonder Pottery

After a distinguished ceramic career working for American Encaustic Tiling, Cherry Art Tile, Florence Pottery, and Ohio Pottery, Lawton Gonder purchased the Zane Pottery, Zanesville, Ohio, in 1940 and renamed it Gonder Ceramic Arts. The company concentrated on art pottery and decorative accessories. Gonder hired top designers and sculptors to create his products. Gonder’s glazes were innovative.

In 1946 Gonder expanded his Zanesville plant and purchased the Elgee Pottery to produce lamp bases. Elgee burned in 1954; operations were moved to Zanesville.

Hurt by the flood of cheap foreign imports, Gonder sold his business in 1975 to the Allied Tile Company. Many Gonder pieces have a double glaze and a pink interior. Most pieces are marked GONDER or GONDER USA in a variety of ways and are numbered. Some pieces were marked with a paper label.

Reference: Ron Hoopes, “The Collector’s Guide and History of Gonder Pottery,” L-W Books, 1992, out of print.

by Harry L. Rinker
“Official Price Guide to Collectibles”

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