Grant Wistrom’s Orange Bowl Jersey!!!

I do not follow sports, but even I was amazed to see my wife pull this jersey out a drawer one day. She was friends with UNL Black Shirt Grant Wistrom while she was in college at University of Nebraska Lincoln. She went to all the home games, along with several of the away games.

After the Huskers won the Orange Bowl in 1995, Grant gave my wife his Orange Bowl jersey to wear at games. After college, Grant Wistrom played for the Rams and helped them win the Super Bowl in 2002. Then he played with the Sea Hawks until being released after the 2006 season.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Is that jersey something you’d ever be willing to part with?

  2. Craig says:


    I’m a serious collector of Nebraska memorbilia. Is you wife willing to part with that jersey? What’s her price?

  3. Chris Hughes says:

    The jersey was a gift from Grant to my wife when they were in college and she would never sell it.


  4. Doug says:

    I’ll give you $1500 for it. …

  5. brett says:

    I have his practice jersey if u would want that