Harker Pottery

Harker Pottery Co., founded as Harker, Taylor and Co. in 1840, manufactured a wide range of products, beginning with doorknobs, toys, and ceramic hearth and table top tiles. Production soon included Rockingham and yellow wares. In 1879, the company began manufacturing white ironstone toilet wares, tea sets, and dinnerware. A shift to semi-porcelain ware was made in 1890.

By 1931 vitreous hotel ware, toilet sets, advertising novelties, and kitchen and dinnerware lines were produced. Notable patterns include Amy, Cameo Ware, Red Apple, and White Rose.

The Jeannette Glass Company purchased Harker Pottery in 1969. It made reproduction Rebekah-at-the- Well teapots and Toby jugs. Harker ceased operations in 1972.

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by Harry L. Rinker
“Official Price Guide to Collectibles”

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