Hazel Atals Glassware

Hazel Atlas resulted from the 1902 merger of the Hazel Glass Company and the Atlas Glass and Metal Company, each located in

Washington, Pa. The company’s main offices were located in Wheeling, W.V. The company was a pioneer in automated glassware manufacture. A factory in Clarksburg, West Virginia, specialized in pressed glassware and achieved a reputation in the late 1920s as the “World’s Largest Tumbler Factory.” Two factories in Zanesville, Ohio, made containers, thin-blown tumblers, and other blown ware.

Washington and Wheeling plants made containers and tableware, the latter including many of the Depression era patterns for which the company is best known among collectors. Continental Can purchased Hazel-Atlas in 1956. Brockway Glass Company purchased the company in 1964.

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by Harry L. Rinker
“Official Price Guide to Collectibles”

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