Historic Dodgers Collectibles—Forever Popular

The Dodgers are a historic baseball franchise whose origins extend back to 1883. Originally, the team was located in Brooklyn, New York. However, in 1958, owner Walter O’Malley made a business decision to move the franchise across the country to Los Angeles. The City of Angels instantly took the team and its collectibles, and they set a franchise record for attendance in their first year.

The Dodgers are certainly one of the most popular teams in Major League Baseball. Worthologist Howard Lau says the Dodgers’ popularity “increases the value of their collectibles by about 20%.” Their century-old feud with the Giants still captures the attention of baseball fans. Over the history of the franchise, the team has captured six World Series titles. With such a rich baseball history, it’s no surprise there are some great Los Angeles Dodgers collectibles on the market.

Early 1900s Pennant—Baseball pennants used to be the one of the most popular sports collectibles around. Children loved these collectibles because they could hang them on their wall to display their love for the team. Of course, the wear and tear most kids put their pennants through severely devalues them. However, some of the early 1900s Dodgers pennants have been valued at close to $1,000. They are pretty rare, and they make great investments if you can find one.

1888 Baseball Yearbook—Baseball yearbooks weren’t published on a regular basis until the ’40s. Therefore, whenever a collector finds a yearbook from before this era, it’s an exciting event. In 1888, a baseball yearbook was published featuring the Brooklyn Dodgers. The yearbook contained sketches of each player on the ballclub. Today, this 1888 baseball collectible is worth around $3,000.

1959 World Series Press Pins—Every year, pins are given to members of the press at the World Series. Antique press pins from this event make for great collectibles. In 1959, the Dodgers won their first World Series in the city of Los Angeles. This was a historic event for the city, franchise and baseball. Press pins from this World Series are unique collectibles worth around $200.

Eric Bratner is a baseball fan and freelance writer living in Houston.

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