Hiya! My name is Lynne, AKA “o.c.d.collectibles” …

Well now! I guess I’m here! I found this site after an email from GoAntiques and I’m really new there too! I’m like a lost puppy looking for a new home!LOL! I have no idea how to operate on this site or post photos, nor have I any idea how to start listing on GoAntiques. There are directions to do everything, but because I’ve been busy working at my Nursing career lately, I haven’t really taken the time to read about all the “how to’s”.

But today is Sunday and I have “off” as well as tomorrow, Monday, labor day! I will then return to my next scheduled work week which should be a little better when the other nurse returns from another one of her extended vacations.(rolling eyes)LOL!

I will have to find some groups or forums here, to hang out in, so I can ask a ton ‘o questions, since I am readying myself to do listings again that are NOT in the old “bay”. I think I might list a thing or 2 for old time’s sake tooner or later, but nothing I wouldn’t worry about too much in case I get taken for a ride by a buyer and have my funds held by paypal!LOL!

Don’t get me wrong, but my ratings were pretty good over there, but I don’t trust that site enough to let them remain that way. So I figured as long as I was moving away from them, I’m going to make the best choices possible in finding a new home. After reading the news about this site combining with GoAntiques, I just was overwhelmed with being impressed! There is plenty of background and experience here and there, and lost of special folks who know what they are doing here. So..I’m glad to meet all of you fellow vintage dealers, and I can’t wait to get started!