How to Post a Comment in the Art Glass Community

Hello Art Glass Lovers! This is the community devoted to discussions concerning antique, vintage and retro art glass and glassware. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS to place your comment, images and questions:

Your Worthpoint Page was developed when you registered with Worthpoint. You can use this page to organize your images, post blogs and navigate the site.

To post a question or comment in this community, you must first be a member of the community. At the lower right of the page you are reading now, you’ll find the “Join this Community” button. Click through, you will become a member automatically.

Next, choose “Write a Blog” from the options on the right side bar of either this community page or your Worthpoint page. Give the blog a title. Add “blog tags”. Blog tags are key words and can contain information that points to your discussion. Your keywords must be separated by commas.

Enter your comment in the “Post” box.

NEXT & VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure this community “Art Glass and Glassware” is checked under “Audience” at the bottom of the form. NOTE: if you have not joined the Art Glass and Glassware community, it will be available as an Audience. Only the communities you’ve joined will be available to select for your audience.

Although you have not uploaded your images YET, the next step is to “Preview” or “Submit”. In preview you can check your comment post and change the words if you want. Press “Submit” to post your comment. Your comment is now submitted and ready for image upload.

Look at the top left corner of your post and you will find three tabs. Click on the tab marked “Images”. Follow the prompts to add your image(s). To upload your images from your hard drive, simply press the browse buttom, follow the prompts, and double click on your saved image and it will auto input the correct address. Click “submit” at the bottom of the page again to view your comment with image included.

It’s easier than it sounds! You’ll only need to learn the process once.