How to receive a great evaluation on your item

Once in awhile we receive items from our members that we are unable to assess due to the uniqueness of the item, and or material of the item. Our Worthologists are experts, but in some cases it is impossible for them to give an accurate evaluation without seeing the item first hand. In cases where it is necessary to receive a first hand review WorthPoint will compensate the member by evaluating another item free of charge.

Evaluations are only as good as the information provided

It is extremely important members provide as much information as possible about their item. Clear photographs and descriptions of items will greatly aid in a more thorough response from our Worthologists. Here are a few pointers:

When taking pictures of your items make sure you capture the following views:

1) Front and rear

2) Top and bottom

3) Detailed photos of marks, signatures etc.

When writing the description of your item be sure to include the following:

1) Detailed description of the item, including colors, dimensions etc.

2) Assessment on condition, including any cracks, chips, tears, missing pieces etc. Also note if the item is operational (where applicable).

3) For artwork, type of material (canvas, paper, academy board, wood panel, etc.) on which the art was done.

4) History or background of the item, to the extent known.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Paid for this site, bi=ut not sure I should of. Ask the worthologist about watch and never got a response. Is this how the site works?

  2. ThomPattie says:

    We want everyone to enjoy the site and find the information they need. There are a few questions that need to be answered before we can answer your question. You mention you paid for the site, Did you join the site as a member? If you joined as a member you would either post a question to Ask the Community (which is free and there is no guarantee the question would be answered). If you paid $19.95 for a question to be answered in Ask a Worthologist you should have received a reply. Many members post questions in areas that are not monitored for questions and many try to by-pass the process by emailing a request to “Sell my Item” or “Brokering”. Items posted in these field must have a value of $2500 or more before they are considered.